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Candidate defends child molester: Not the headline Mike Huckabee wanted to see

Soon-to-be-former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, for reasons known only to him, has decided to hitch his wagon to a politically-connected child molester and his reality-TV star family, in an aggressive online defense predictably casting the perpetrator and his protectors as the victims, in the place of those that he victimized.

Hillary Clinton gets huge support in Virginia: Poll

A new Christopher Newport University poll has Hillary Clinton with a commanding lead among Virginia Democrats looking ahead to the 2016 presidential nomination race.

Obama maintains strong position in new Virginia poll

President Barack Obama’s approval rating in Virginia is over 50 percent, and he would take the state in presidential voting if the election were held today, and by a comfortable margin. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee does the best of the expected Republican contenders and still trails Obama by a 52 percent-to-43 percent margin, according […]

Trump Card: The Donald leads among GOP contenders

Donald Trump would hold a healthy early lead over the Republican field in the 2012 presidential race if he were to throw his hat into the ring. That’s the finding of a new survey of likely GOP primary voters conducted by Public Policy Polling. Trump has the support of 26 percent of likely Republican primary […]

Poll: Obama looking good, relatively

The good news for Republicans – Barack Obama is testing weak in the national polls. The good news for Barack Obama – Republicans are testing even weaker. “Obama’s numbers continue to tell the same story. Voters aren’t all that enamored with him right now, but when they look at him, and then they look at […]

Obama sitting pretty in Virginia for ’12?

Polling done last week in Virginia suggests that Barack Obama would do well in what has become a key swing state in the 2012 presidential election. Obama, who in 2008 became the first Democratic presidential candidate to win Virginia since the 1960s, leads his closest potential Republican challenger in the state by six points, according […]

Poll: Obama’s numbers up against GOP field

Barack Obama is polling better in the first month of 2011 than he has since late 2009. A new Public Policy Polling survey of voter preferences looking way ahead to November 2012 buttresses recent gains in job approval in other surveys. Obama would beat Republican presidential hopefuls Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee by five-point margins, […]

Palin: The road back to nowhere

Rampant speculation continues over what Sarah Palin’s plans regarding 2012 might be. The conventional wisdom: She’s running, no question about it, yep, she is, damn the torpedoes, or she’s not, because she’d rather be a conservative celebrity, because being a conservative celebrity pays more than being a presidential candidate. I’d like to throw in a […]

Poll: Romney leads GOP field

Edited by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net   A new Public Policy Polling survey released on Monday has former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney leading the potential 2012 Republican Party presidential nomination field.

I Love The ’90s, Part Two

Are we about to reprise the pendulum swings of the Gingrich-Clinton era?   Report by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net Might we see a repeat of 1994 in 2010? The short answer: yes. Next question: Might we then see a repeat of 1996 in 2012? Well, maybe. “For all the trouble Barack Obama’s had lately voters still […]

Poll: Obama leads potential ’12 GOP foes

A new poll has the seemingly quite politically vulnerable Barack Obama looking OK in a series of hypothetical matchups with possible 2012 GOP presidential hopefuls. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney are at best within hailing distance, down seven and nine points, respectively, in the poll released this morning by […]

Stop the Presses | The GOP’s Palin Quandary

Let’s pretend for a minute that I’m a Republican Party strategist. So I’m musing on the news that somehow, some way, Sarah Palin is even more popular among the GOP base now that she’s up and quit her job as governor of Alaska barely halfway through her one term in office, that two-thirds of my […]

Multimedia | Be careful what your surrogate says on your behalf

It wasn’t exactly Macaca. “You have two jobs,” former Republican Party presidential-nomination candidate Mike Huckabee told a gathering of GOP faithful in Tazewell County while campaigning for Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell this week. “One, get all those people who are going to vote for Bob out to the polls and vote. If they’re not […]

White House ’08: McCain has to stick with Palin

Column by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net I wrote a piece yesterday about the growing sentiment among conservatives that it might be best for John McCain’s sinking campaign if Sarah Palin would volunteer to step aside as the GOP vice-presidential nominee in favor of another more seasoned candidate. Here’s what I think – that would be the […]

White House ’08: A tough choice for McCain

Analysis by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net Don’t believe it when you read that John McCain hasn’t made up his mind on a running mate. That said, I’m willing to bet that McCain wishes he wouldn’t have to go public on this tomorrow, given that he’s pretty much damned whatever way he goes in his Veepstakes. The […]