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A new day dawns in Waynesboro

Does the sun seem a little brighter in Waynesboro today? Yes, it does! The flowers are brighter, perkier. The birds are singing beautiful melodies.


Why is Waynesboro looking to privatize trash collection?

Waste companies are a business, and businesses have to make profits; whereas cities offering public services don’t have a profit motive.


Lead or get out of the way: Exit 96 discussion shows again why change needed in Waynesboro

Waynesboro leaders voted four years ago to pay $3.475 million for what is now 177 acres of scrub brush located off Exit 96. And it will remain scrub brush if Waynesboro City Council member Frank Lucente gets his way.

waynesboro ymca

Waynesboro YMCA raises money with golf fundraiser

On a perfect day for golf, with temperatures in the mid-80s, and a limitless sunny sky, 20 teams took the course for the 2014 Merv Wooten Invitational at the Waynesboro Country Club on July 11, raising more than $10,000 for the Waynesboro Family YMCA.

City Council responds to Harris

Waynesboro City Council stopped short of disciplining City Councilman Mike Harris in the aftermath of a controversy that erupted over a letter to the media from Harris that alleged secret dealings by Mayor Frank Lucente

Chris Graham: Not the wisest political move, Mr. Mayor

The move, to say the least, is not wise, in that it basically confirms the substance of what City Councilman Mike Harris had had to say about Lucente

Incumbents sweep in Waynesboro

Mayor Frank Lucente, Vice Mayor Bruce Allen and City Councilman Tim Williams swept to victory in contested races for seats on Waynesboro City Council Tuesday. Lucente’s win over former City Council member Lorie Smith in the At-Large race was something of a surprise. Smith, also a former School Board chair, had the backing of several […]

Chris Graham: Medicine

We have, unfortunately, experience with losing elections – we being progressives in Waynesboro, loosely defined. And I say loosely defined because the word progressive means something very different in Waynesboro than it does just about everywhere else in the country

Chris Graham: Can’t cut your way to prosperity

The quickest way to lose 50 pounds is to cut off a limb. Thwack. Right there, you’ve cut 25 percent off the top without having to do more than get anethesized

Gloves come off at candidates forum

Is the 2012 city election going to be about a long-dormant downtown-development issue, or about the current City Council’s decision to roll the dice on a $3.5 million parcel of land that Mayor Frank Lucente hopes will appreciate in value for resale in 20 years? That is the question heading into the home stretch toward […]

Mayor, incumbents put on defensive on land deal at forum

Mayor Frank Lucente was on the defensive at a Thursday night candidates forum on the issue of the controversial $3.5 million land deal that his City Council agreed to with two former political supporters. “I think in the long run we made a good deal. If I was doing a business deal, I would do […]

Chris Graham: Three-point-five million reasons to vote da bums out

Frank Lucente will tell you ’til he’s blue in the face that he’s for the little guy. And then there’s the truth. The little guy doesn’t have thousands to give to his re-election campaign, and that’s what Lucente and his cronies on City Council have their focus on, getting re-elected. And why not – because […]

City ready to close deal on business park

Waynesboro City Council will vote next week on whether or not it will pursue a $3.475 million deal to purchase approximately 170 acres of land adjacent to Exit 96 off Interstate 64 to create a business park. If it does so, it will take a big step to sealing a deal with a key contributor […]

If it’s broke, fix it

“Government isn’t designed to do a whole lot. It’s working the way our founding fathers planned for it to.” At least Tim Williams is being honest about where he’s coming from. The quote is from a story in the News Virginian on Sunday looking at the long-delayed South River Greenway, which I’ve been writing about […]

The Koch-Waynesboro connection

The recent New Yorker story on the Koch brothers has folks in Waynesboro musing aloud about the influence of the libertarian scions on the political scene in the River City, where the biggest employer, Invista, is a subsidiary of the privately-held Koch Industries. At first glance, it’s … interesting … to note a couple of […]

The World According To ChrisGraham.com: No I in team

First off, Waynesboro progressives are interesting progressives. I count as key members of the progressive base several people who I know (from having looked ‘em up online!) give money regularly to not only Emmett Hanger but also Steve Landes and Bob Goodlatte when they’re running for re-election. That’s an indication of how far to the […]

Chris Graham: No I in team

Column by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net   First off, Waynesboro progressives are interesting progressives. I count as key members of the progressive base several people who I know (from having looked ’em up online!) give money regularly to not only Emmett Hanger but also Steve Landes and Bob Goodlatte when they’re running for re-election.   TheWorldAccordingToChrisGraham.com […]

Daily Rant | Cue the Tears

Waynesboro’s vice mayor seems to be able to cue the tears as political circumstance deems appropriate. AFP editor Chris Graham tries to match him in considering Waynesboro’s alarming rate of free and reduced lunches in the city public-school system. The tears here are more tears of frustration and upset, of course. AFP Video. Length: 3:40.

More fear, more loathing

You’re Frank Lucente, and you’re having a bad day. Maybe you’re losing an argument on live TV. You know you’re not making any sense, but that TV has been your friend. You’ve fake-cried into it enough the past couple of years that you should get nominated for an Emmy. You can’t risk having it turned […]

In search of a leader on development

I give the News Virginian hell often enough that it is only fair of me to give kudos to the paper when deserved, and it’s deserved in the matter of the call in a Wednesday editorial for somebody on Waynesboro City Council to step forward and take the lead on downtown. I’ll take their call […]

A new political calculus in Waynesboro

A “Fractious Faction”? Or just good politics? The News Virginian raised the issue in a story-editorial package in its July 1 edition, a year to the day that Tim Williams was elected by his peers on City Council to serve as mayor and head up what we all assumed then was going to be a […]

Danger zone

Looks like Frank Lucente has cornered himself back into being the minority again. “If we don’t get ourselves under control with spending, we are going to pay our price, and I am saddened that we are going to raise your taxes,” the singularly focused vice mayor said after Tuesday’s 3-2 City Council vote to maintain […]

Not paying more taxes, and still complaining about it

“This is definitely no time,” said Stewart Hall of 891 Kent Road at Monday’s public hearing on the city tax rate, “to tighten the financial noose with further increases in taxes and fees.” Hall must have been speaking metaphorically, because his taxes and fees will be heading in opposite direction of an increase. According to […]

The dust, waiting to settle

You might think that any credit being given out for the Waynesboro Downtown Development Inc. fundraising effort that met with such success as to preclude the need for an infusion of city funds to keep it afloat would go to, well, the folks at Waynesboro Downtown Development Inc.

Two vastly different approaches to spending your money

Interesting move initiated by Lorie Smith to forego her 2009-2010 City Council salary. It won’t be easy personally for Smith or Nancy Dowdy, who joined Smith Friday in agreeing to return her take-home salary of $5,100 for fiscal-year ’09-’10 to city taxpayers, but it’s the right thing to do given the tenor of the times.