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ESPN calls Bill Simmons bluff

Bill Simmons seemed to dare ESPN to suspend him for his comments suggesting that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is a “liar” for insisting that he had not seen the videotape of Ray Rice attacking his then-fiancee.

nfl football

How much deeper can Roger Goodell, NFL dig this hole?

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell insists that no one in the league office saw the videotape that shows Ray Rice punching his then-fiancee twice, knocking her out cold, until Monday, when TMZ published the video to its website.


The art of sportswriting, and the Ray Rice story

If your mother says she loves you, check it out. That’s the mantra that we live by in journalism. If you’re going to report something as fact, it had better be fact, and you’d better have vetted the hell out of it to make sure.

Ban Ray Rice, or fire Roger Goodell: Somebody’s head needs to roll

The story on the Ray Rice domestic-assault incident has now been updated from we don’t know what happened in the elevator to oh, my God, he knocked her the eff out!

Reports: Spike TV cancels TNA Impact Wrestling

TMZ is reporting today that Spike TV has informed TNA Wrestling that it will not renew its contract to broadcast the company’s flagship Impact Wrestling TV show.

WWE: Stay away from Nancy Grace

In the wake of the controversial Nancy Grace show on the Ultimate Warrior, WWE has been telling current and former superstars to stay away from her show.

Confirmed: Stone Cold Steve Austin will be at WrestleMania 30

Stone Cold Steve Austin confirmed in an interview with TMZ on Thursday that he will be at WrestleMania 30 on Sunday night.

Sad,sad news: Jake the Snake Roberts diagnosed with cancer

Class of 2014 WWE Hall of Fame inductee Jake the Snake Roberts has been diagnosed with cancer and will undergo emergency surgery on Tuesday, according to a report on TMZ. Roberts noticed a growth behind a knee that was the size of a half-dollar and had it tested last month, according to the report. He […]

HULK RETURNS! TMZ report has Hulk Hogan coming back to WWE next week

TMZ is reporting today that Hulk Hogan will return to WWE on Monday Night Raw next week, and that long-range plans for Hogan do include him getting in the ring. Recent reports had suggested that Hogan had not been able to pass a physical to get cleared medically for in-ring action, but TMZ reported today […]

Dana White on Brock Lesnar: Is Brock heading back to UFC?

Piggybacking on comments made last week, Dana White told TMZ today that former UFC heavyweight champion brock lesnar wants to return to the octagon. Lesnar is signed to WWE through WrestleMania 31, so at first glance this wouldn’t seem doable. But White, the UFC president, told TMZ that he thinks Lesnar “wants to do both. […]

TMZ: Matt Hardy arrested in Virginia on Jan. 1 after fight at hotel with Reby Sky

TMZ is reporting today that Ring of Honor star Matt Hardy was arrested at a hotel in Emporia, Va., earlier this month after allegedly getting into a fight with his wife, indy wrestler Reby Sky. Mug shots of the two posted to TMZ show both appearing bloody and scratched up following whatever happened. According to […]

Matt Striker lands role in new Star Trek movie

TMZ is reporting that former WWE star Matt Striker will play in the new Star Trek movie. A source told TMZ that Striker, a 13-year veteran of the wrestling business, was handpicked for his role in the TV movie, Star Trek Equinox: The Night of Time. Striker reportedly embarked on trying to jumpstart an acting […]