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Mike Hodge: Necessary roughness

Column by Mike Hodge Interesting column by Bill Kristol in today’s New York Times. He says “fire the campaign” to John McCain. He has a very valid point. It seems the McCain campaign has been fumbling the ball a lot lately. I hate to pile on (in keeping with the football theme), but the campaign […]

A View from the Right: Not the right place, time for presidential protest

Column by Mike Hodge As you might know, I had the opportunity to cover President Bush’s visit to Monticello last week. And as you might know, the visit was marred by a string of interruptions from protestors who disrupted what was supposed to be a ceremony celebrating America’s newest citizens on our nation’s 232nd birthday.

A View from the Right: Change of a different order

Column by Mike Hodge Change. Hope. Hope for change. These are the buzzwords we have heard for the last couple years in politics. We need change in Richmond. We need change in Washington. Well, we got change in November 2006. Since then we have gotten the housing crisis, record-high gas prices, record-high oil prices, a […]