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andy schmookler

Andy Schmookler: How to think about Black Lives Matter

We’d likely have less controversy over the slogan Black Lives Matter if we had more of a shared understanding of the relevant American reality.


Dallas is the fated fruit of the existing order

A gunman named Micah Johnson fired on police officers using a sniper rifle during a peaceful protest in Dallas, Texas, killing five officers.

chris graham news

Podcast: Black Lives Matter for Dummies

AFP editor Chris Graham efforts to explain Black Lives Matter for a white audience.


Ferguson, accept no substitutes: Abolish the police!

Community involvement shouldn’t aid prisons and punishment but rather should entice restitution and resolve. To do that, my advice is simple: Abolish the police!

amy tillerson-brown

Amy Tillerson-Brown to speak on Black Lives Matter at Bridgewater College

Amy Tillerson-Brown, an associate professor of history at Mary Baldwin College, will speak on “Black Lives Matter: Movement and Misconceptions” on Feb. 9.

donald trump

People who go for the Trump Hate Your Neighbor posture

Anyone who cares about the question “What would Jesus do?” should recognize the hostile stance being rewarded by Donald Trump’s supporters as un-Christian.


Congratulating police for not killing us?

Hildreth describes being pulled over for a broken headlight. He informs the officers he has a concealed carry permit, and is currently armed. He cooperates showing them his weapon, and his permit card, which is out of date (though the permit is still valid). Ultimately, the police behaved courteously and let him off with a warning.


Gloria Watson: A vision for Ferguson, Baltimore, L.A. and everywhere

This month, the nation will acknowledge two political milestones. On Aug. 9, we mark the one-year anniversary of the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. Two days later, we mark the 50th anniversary of the uprising in Watts. A third civil disturbance, located in time between these two, offers lessons learned from the failures of 1965.

democrats republicans

Donald Trump divides the GOP: But Democrats have their own issues

The focus of those following the 2016 presidential race of late has been on how the Republican Party is coming apart at the seams trying to deal with Donald Trump.