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Surprise donation puts happy face on tragic story

What do you get when you cross a horrible tragedy, a team of medical specialists, loving in-laws and a sneaky husband?
Sounds like the beginning of an interesting story.
On Nov. 7, 50 friends and family of Courtney Veerman, Redeemer Classical School parent and head of the RCS Parents Association, stood quietly in wait at a reception room at the Spotswood Country Club in Harrisonburg. The reason? Her husband, Mark, and in-laws, Ralph and Lynne Veerman of Orlando, Fla., were bringing her there under dubious conditions.

Courtney and Mark were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary, and Ralph and Lynne were in town to watch their children while they took a short and much anticipated celebratory trip together. The diversion to the country club was to be part of a “small” family gathering with their immediate family.

What Courtney did not know was that her stealthy family members were ready to spring a trap that she would never forget.

After the chorus of “Surprise!” filled the air, a look of confusion crossed her face. “It’s not my birthday”, she hesitated.

Ralph and Lynne then called the Board of RCS forward and presented a check for $25,290 to Redeemer Classical School from to the “Courtney Veerman Fan Club” to be used for need-based student scholarships. The Veerman’s read several notes of encouragement and support for Courtney as tears flowed freely.

This surprising show of generosity came through an outpouring of support from friends and family of Courtney from all around the country. One hundred and ten to be exact!

As Ralph explained it, “we wanted to give our friends who have been praying for her an opportunity to remember and honor the remarkable recovery of Courtney from the horrific accident that she went through two and a half years ago. Her love for Redeemer seemed like a natural place for them to support.”

Courtney and her family were traveling down I-81 near Roanoke, Va. in April 2006, when an 11-ound chunk of steel broke loose from the tractor trailer in front of their van, smashing through the windshield, directly hitting her while she was driving nearly killing her. Her survival and Mark’s ability to control the van were nothing short of miraculous. After extensive surgeries at the University of Virginia, she has recovered exhibiting a remarkable faith and grace. (To read more about this, visit Mark’s blog at: )

We at Redeemer Classical School wish to thank all of the supporters of the “Courtney Veerman Fan Club”. Their generosity will directly benefit nearly a third of the students enrolled at Redeemer this year through need-based scholarships.

If you would like to support scholarships at Redeemer, tax-deductible donations can be made to:

Redeemer Classical School

P.O. Box 737

Harrisonburg, Va. 22803

Indicate “Courtney Veerman Fan Club” on the memo line.


– Story by Lee Ann Jeffer

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