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Chris Graham: The rest of the story

Column by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net   Congratulations are in order to Phil and Ellen Winter, whose persistence in their search for information about the workings of the city treasurer office in Waynesboro led to their collection of dozens of pages of e-mails, memos and audit reports, an investigative report in The New Dominion Magazine, more […]

Chris Graham: Breakfast is overrated, anyway

   Column by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net Leave it to people who call themselves conservatives to in one breath put school breakfast and lunch programs in the “not government’s responsibility” category and in the next bemoan the transfer responsibility from the public sector to the private the operation of a facility that happens to be in […]

Rose Bowl or Bust!

  Column by Jim Gordon Submit guest columns: freepress2@ntelos.net Growing up in Columbus, Ohio, a young man who is a big sports enthusiast usually becomes an Ohio State football fan. I was no different and since my dad was a graduate of the OSU Law School, he was able to get tickets to the Buckeye […]

The Pulse | Kaine team needs to work on its media strategy

A long-time friend in the local media who covered the Tim Kaine visit to Staunton last week with me for the News Virginian felt, shall we say, slighted at the treatment accorded him by the Kaine traveling party, and called me to get my input on what had transpired. The media folks on hand, including […]

Landes declines debate invite

Citing issues with fairness, Steve Landes is backing out of a debate invitation from the News Leader and WHSV-TV3 with 25th District challenger Greg Marrow. “I’ve expressed my concerns of the editorial board – not being fair and balanced – moderating a debate between my opponent and me,” Landes told the News Leader on Thursday.

More than a game

Story by Chris Graham Sacco has left the building. Never thought I’d write those words. I thought we had him for life. Got him settled in Greenville, where the city boy from Chicago who used to take the subway to school could count the stars at night.

Stop the Presses | Don’t do this to me

My friends on the other side of Main Street are making my life difficult. How they are is in an op-ed in today’s News Virginian that cites a New York Times article and a purported Barack Obama 2008 endorser as raising critical points about the Obama-Democratic push for health-care reform.

Media General shows net profit in second quarter

Media General reported net income for the second quarter of 2009, and while the income number was modest, at $20.6 million for the quarter, it was a number in the black and not $532.2 million in the red like the second quarter of 2008 was for the media conglomerate.

The morning paper revisited

Story by Chris Graham “We’ve created a very strange situation for ourselves,” News Virginian editor and general manager Lee Wolverton said of the ongoing handwringing among us media moguls about what we need to do to get our industry back on track after a sustained period of losing print readers used to paying for the […]

The dust, waiting to settle

You might think that any credit being given out for the Waynesboro Downtown Development Inc. fundraising effort that met with such success as to preclude the need for an infusion of city funds to keep it afloat would go to, well, the folks at Waynesboro Downtown Development Inc.

More bad newspaper news

The News Virginian has laid off a newsroom staffer as part of a workforce reduction implemented by two local Media General-owned newspapers, according to an online report in the Daily Progress. The Progress eliminated a total of six positions, including four in its news department.

Get ready to gorge

A mix of professional and celebrity amateur chefs will be dishing their favorites St. Patrick’s Day at the 10th annual Taste of the Town sponsored by Waynesboro Downtown Development Inc. Irish music provided by Scruffy Murphy will serve as the backdrop for the food sampling, which features defending Taste of the Town champion Chris Faris […]

More bad news at Media General

More bad news on the news-media front. Media General announced last week that it is closing its Washington, D.C., news bureau on March 27. “We very much regret having to take this step,” said Graham Woodlief, president of the Publishing Division at Media General, the parent company of The News Virginian in Waynesboro.

Who’s in charge downtown?

A discount-store owner who has told the local print newspaper that he would “probably move” if Downtown Waynesboro were to ever get back on its feet is, for all intents and purposes, the point man on downtown redevelopment until that day comes. “I think the compromise, as long as the two restaurants survive through it […]

Moving forward

No one seems willing to step forward to do something. That, Waynesboro Economic Development Authority chairman Carl Rosberg told the River City 2020 Forum Thursday, is a big thing holding Waynesboro back economically. Local developer Bill Hausrath called a group of property owners in and around Downtown Waynesboro together last year to try to get […]

The March 2009 New Dominion is on the streets

The March 2009 edition of The New Dominion Magazine is on the streets this week. The cover story is “Black, white and red all over” – a look by ND editor Chris Graham at the hemorrhaging in the news-media and book-publishing industries and what those of us on the inside are doing to try to […]

News Virginian latest to furlough employees

The tough times being faced in the news-media industry are now hitting home to Waynesboro. The News Virginian announced in today’s edition that it will be implementing a series of unpaid furloughs for employees in line with a fulough program being implemented by its corporate parent, the Richmond-based Media General.

Chris Graham | Common ground

Waynesboro does have a vision, to hear Frank Lucente tell it. “Speaking only for myself as a council member and a citizen of Waynesboro, I have always felt there was a plan, and have always consistently worked toward it: ensure that the city provides the services of government in the most effective and efficient way […]

Downtown, or industry?

The chicken, or the egg? The debate over Waynesboro’s economic future is akin to the timeless yarn over which came first, with a twist. Which should we do first in Waynesboro – build up the downtown, or rebuild our industry base?

Today’s Agenda

AFP editor Chris Graham will be a guest on WREL-1450AM’s “Online with Jim Bresnahan” today at 11 a.m. to talk Virginia sports. Later today we’ll be heading out to the Valley Mission in Staunton to do a Videocast report on the Mission this holiday season. And don’t miss the special commentary on economic development in […]

Invista contractor laying off 132

The News Virginian is reporting this afternoon that a Houston-based industrial-services contractor is laying off 132 of its contract employees working at the Invista plant in Waynesboro, representing about 13 percent of the overall workforce at the former DuPont plant.

The From-Heres vs. The Come-Heres

From-Here or Come-Here? Sometimes you don’t even have to ask. You can tell by the accent, or lack of one. But that isn’t to say that people don’t care which one you are. It can make all the difference in the world, honestly. We “don’t care,” my friend Jim Nichols famously wrote in a letter […]

Only three and a half more years of this, and it’s all over

Five sentences, and so much contained therein. It’s not Christmas yet, but Reo Hatfield is doing his part to play Santa. “They will NOT vote for an increase,” the former Waynesboro vice mayor declared in a letter to the editor published in the News Virginian today, referring to political allies Frank Lucente and Bruce Allen, […]

Winners and Losers: McCain-Palin, NV-Jim Gilmore, reporters arrested at RNC

Compiled by Chris Graham freepress2@ntelos.net THE PALIN CALL STILL BOTHERS ME: But what do I know? If they’d vetted her as well as they had the others, and then the ethics investigation and the Bridge to Nowhere line that doesn’t make sense given that she took the money and ran anyway and the, ahem, family […]