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mark herring

Herring joins amicus brief opposing efforts to defund Planned Parenthood

Attorney General Mark R. Herring has joined in a challenge of an Ohio state law that would defund Planned Parenthood.

House sustains McAuliffe veto of bill to defund Planned Parenthood

The House of Delegates voted today to sustain Governor Terry McAuliffe’s veto of HB 2264.

House of Delegates passes bill to defund Planned Parenthood

The House of Delegates passed a bill to defund women’s health care providers that perform abortions – including Planned Parenthood.

Senate votes to defund Planned Parenthood

The Virginia Senate passed Rockbridge Republican Del. Ben Cline’s HB 1090, which would defund Planned Parenthood affiliates in Virginia.

Senate committee votes to defund Planned Parenthood

The Senate Committee on Education & Health voted Thursday to report a bill that would defund women’s health centers across Virginia, including Planned Parenthood affiliates.

House of Delegates votes to defund Planned Parenthood

The Virginia House of Delegates passed a bill that prohibits public funding of clinics that provide abortions for cases other than rape, incest, or life-endangerment.

Bob Goodlatte: Protecting life from the start

New life – there is nothing more precious. In the past months, as a series of undercover videos have shed light on Planned Parenthood’s abortion practices, it is even clearer that life is a gift that must be fiercely protected.

mark warner

Mark Warner statement on vote against defunding Planned Parenthood

U.S. Mark Warner (D-VA) issued the following statement on efforts to cut off all federal funding for health services provided by Planned Parenthood.

tim kaine

Tim Kaine statement on his vote against defunding Planned Parenthood

U.S. Senator Tim Kaine released the following statement after voting against legislation to prohibit federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

What’s really going on with the Planned Parenthood videos?

The self-styled Center for Medical Progress has released a fourth apparently edited video that appears to depict Planned Parenthood employees discussing the sale of fetal tissue.

House Republican Leaders call for investigation into Virginia Planned Parenthood chapters

Republican leaders in the Virginia House of Delegates on Thursday called on Governor Terry McAuliffe to begin an investigation into Virginia’s Planned Parenthood chapters in the wake of allegations that Planned Parenthood abortion doctors conducted partial birth abortions in order to harvest the body parts of children for money.

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia applauds attorney general opinion on clinics

This morning, the Office of the Attorney General issued new legal guidance regarding how the Virginia Department of Health and State Board of Health can proceed with implementing revisions to Virginia’s TRAP regulations.


Jenny Black to lead one of the region’s largest Planned Parenthood affiliates

Southeast native and long-time Planned Parenthood leader, Jenny Black, took the helm of one of Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s largest affiliates in the region, Planned Parenthood South Atlantic (PPSAT), as president and CEO last week.

Planned Parenthood condemns defeat of measures protecting access to reproductive healthcare

This afternoon, members of the House of Delegates Courts of Justice Constitutional Law subcommittee defeated two critical measures that would have reduced barriers to obtaining comprehensive reproductive health care in Virginia.

Planned Parenthood raises issue with Senate vote on ultrasounds, waiting periods

This morning, members of the Senate Education and Health committee defeated SB733 (D-Locke) and SB920 (D-Wexton), measures that would have removed the mandatory ultrasound and 24-hour waiting period required prior to abortion.

Planned Parenthood condemns proposed 20-week abortion ban

Last night, on the 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a group of Republican legislators introduced HB2321, a dangerous measure to ban abortion at 20 weeks in Virginia.

Planned Parenthood disappointed by State Senate committee inaction on contraceptive coverage

Today, rather than taking a vote on SB1277 Contraceptive Equity, members of the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee referred the bill to the Health Insurance Reform Commission, thus delaying substantive reform for the year.

Planned Parenthood applauds Governor McAuliffe’s equal opportunity agenda

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia applauds Governor McAuliffe on the release of his 2015 Equal Opportunity agenda.

Planned Parenthood applauds Governor’s Medicaid announcement

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia praised the announcement by Governor McAuliffe to include funding for Medicaid expansion in his budget as demonstrating his commitment to the 400,000 hardworking Virginians in need of affordable healthcare.

Board of Health vote is crucial step in protecting women’s health

Today’s affirmative vote on the Notice of Intended Regulatory Action is the first step toward ensuring that rules for women’s health centers are based in medicine and reflect the safety record of first-trimester abortion.

mark warner

Planned Parenthood congratulates Mark Warner on Senate victory

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia publicly congratulated Senator Mark Warner on his victory over Ed Gillespie in Tuesday’s election.

Planned Parenthood continues push against GOP nominee Gillespie on women’s health

Today, Republican Senate candidate Ed Gillespie unveiled his long awaited alternative to the Affordable Care Act. As expected, Gillespie’s plan is nothing more than a veiled attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Planned Parenthood: Gillespie continues support for misleading over-the-counter birth control plan

Republican Senate candidate Ed Gillespie reiterated his support for over-the-counter access to birth control during Tuesday’s debate with U.S. Senator Mark Warner. Planned Parenthood is raising issue with the proposal.

Planned Parenthood pleased with decision to amend TRAP restrictions

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia lauded today’s announcement by Virginia Health Commission Dr. Marissa Levine to move forward with amending Virginia’s Targeted Restrictions for Abortion Providers (TRAP).

Women’s Reproductive Health Caucus outlines challenges, successes

The Women’s Reproductive Health Caucus held a press conference Tuesday outlining their efforts to roll back extreme legislation backed by Republicans to obstruct women’s access to health care.

Senate Democrats vote to protect women’s access to healthcare

The Senate Committee on Education and Health voted along party lines Thursday to report two bills that would protect women’s access to healthcare by rolling back restrictions enacted by Republicans.

Ralph Northam takes to the air to talk women’s healthcare

State Sen. Ralph Northam released his first lieutenant-governor campaign ad that will air on Richmond and Norfolk network television and highlights his experience standing up to Ken Cuccinelli to fight for women’s healthcare.

Planned Parenthood gives Ralph Northam 100 percent rating

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia gave State Sen. Ralph Northam a 100 percent rating today.

The 100 Percenters

All four Republican incumbents running for re-election in the Augusta Free Press/New Dominion Magazine reader/circulation area received 100 percent scores on The Family Foundation Action’s 2008-2009 General Assembly Report Card.

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‘Choose Life’ plates get Kaine’s approval

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