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Tim Kaine staff to hold local office hours next week

On Tuesday, a member of Sen. Tim Kaine’s staff will host Kaine Connects office hours in Fishersville at the Fishersville Main Library.

Augusta Health Events Calendar – April 2016

2016 calendar for Augusta Health including blood pressure screening, Kid’s Day, Lunch and Learn, screenings, classes and support group information.

Richard Embrey appointed chief medical officer at Augusta Health

Richard P. Embrey, MD, MBA, has been appointed to be Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Population Health for Augusta Health

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Augusta Health Events Calendar – March 2016

2016 calendar for Augusta Health including blood pressure screening, Kid’s Day, Lunch and Learn, screenings, classes and support group information.

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Wound detectives: Clinic at Augusta Health heals chronic wounds

Advanced wound care is a lot more than just changing bandages. The staff at the Augusta Health Wound Healing Clinic are “wound detectives” trying to get to the root of the problem.

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Augusta Health house calls: A ‘new twist’ on an old paradigm

The house call is making a comeback, and changes in medical technology are enabling doctors to take the power of the hospital with them to the living rooms of homebound seniors.

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Hearing Healthcare Blog: Help your loved ones with hearing loss

February is the month of love. Do you have a loved one who has issues with hearing loss?

Greater Augusta Regional Chamber of Commerce

National speaker headlines Chamber of Commerce UP Conference

Charles Weathers will headline professional development conference being hosted by the Greater Augusta Regional Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, Feb. 17.

augusta health

Augusta Health Events Calendar – February 2016

The events calendar for Augusta Health in Fishersville, Va., for the month of February 2016 includes Lunch and Learn events, Fitness classes and much more.

Augusta County Library offers STEM class for children

Augusta County Library will host Spectacular Spectroscopy, a series on hands-on STEM classes for children grades K to 5 on Mondays, February 1 through March 7.

barren ridge vineyards

Barren Ridge Vineyards to host Swedish Fire Festival

The annual Swedish Fire Festival at Barren Ridge Vineyards is taking place this year on Saturday, January 30th.

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2015 Class of Augusta Health Rock Stars

Augusta Health Rock Stars are valued employees who have a profound influence on the culture of Augusta Health through their demonstration of four key qualities.

Staunton Montessori School provides gifts to Salvation Army Angel Tree Project

Staunton Montessori School continued the holiday tradition of providing gifts to local families through the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program.

Decorate for the holidays from the outside in

It’s hard to find a simpler, yet more personal way to decorate your home for the holidays than with fresh evergreen trimmings from your yard or garden.

Town hall on dangers of marijuana use set for Dec. 8

The Central Shenandoah Valley Office on Youth is hosting a town hall meeting at Wilson Middle School in Fishersville on Tuesday, Dec. 8, from 6-8 p.m. aiming to educate parents, youth and community members on the negative impacts of marijuana.

augusta health

Augusta Health adds new physicians to medical staff

Each year, new providers join the Augusta Health Medical Staff. While some are employed by Augusta Medical Group, others are associated with independent practices who are affiliated with Augusta Health. All providers who join the staff are recognized annually at a welcome reception.


Fall is for decorating gourds, too

Lots of pumpkins will be carved and painted in the coming days. Augusta County horticulturist Mark Viette believes the bottle gourd offers a more sophisticated way to decorate for the fall—and all year long.

New name: Welcome to Bridge Christian Church

On Sept. 1, Blue Ridge Church of Christ in Fishersville will be known by a new name – Bridge Christian Church.

Augusta Health presents Dick Graham Scholarship

Augusta Health recently honored the recipients of this year’s Dick Graham Scholarship. The scholarship is giving annually to a child of an employee of Augusta Health, named in honor of the hospital’s first CEO, Dick Graham. Most years, one scholarship is given, but this year, the Community Benefit Committee selected two recipients.

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Augusta County locations ranked best in Virginia for first-time homebuyers

This week NerdWallet.com released the best places in Virginia where first-time homebuyers can be assured of a good decision to buy a new home. Fishersville topped the list with Stuarts Draft coming in close behind at number six.

Everyday drugs in the ototoxic category

There are many drug and medication ads today with long lists of negative side effects. But were you aware that there are specific prescription drugs that can be harmful to your ears? These types of medications are referred to as ototoxic medications. Ototoxic medications are both over-the-counter (OTC) and doctor-prescribed drugs which can impair your hearing and alter your balance.

Puppet Pandemonium offers holiday fun for entire family

The Augusta County Library in Fishersville will host a special Trim a Tree Puppet Pandemonium. This free event for all ages will feature puppet shows, refreshments and making holiday ornaments. Volunteers from the library’s Teen Advisory Board help develop and present Puppet Pandemonium on the first Thursday of the month, September through May.

Local libraries: It’s time to get your geek on

The community may soon add a new verb to their vocabulary: geek. The Valley Libraries Consortium consisting of Augusta County Library, Staunton Public Library, and Waynesboro Public Library will be participating in Geek the Library, a community‐based public awareness campaign.

Local libraries help Food Bank, reduce overdue fines

Through Jan. 4, donations of canned goods will reduce overdue fines at Augusta County Library, Staunton Public Library and Waynesboro Public Library. Known as “Can Your Fines,” this annual event encourages the return of overdue library materials while also helping those in need in our community.

Are behind the ear hearing aids right for you?

Today, people with hearing problems have more hearing aid choices accessible to them than any other generation before. Among the most common types is the behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid, which as with any other product has a variety of strengths and weaknesses.

Augusta Health Turkey Classic winners

This year’s Turkey Classic—an annual doubles tennis tournament held at Augusta Health Lifetime Fitness—benefitted the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. In lieu of entry fees, participants could provide an equivalent value in food to donate to the food bank. The total amount of food collected was 1,380 pounds.

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Augusta Health’s annual Lights of Love program on Dec. 8

Catherine Rodriguez and Kathy Sheppard were as close as a mother and daughter could be, they shopped together, spent their free time with each other, and even shared a name, although spelled a bit different. “She was the Cat and I was the Kitten,” explains Kathy.

Introducing Bluetooth Technology-Enabled Digital Hearing Aids

There exists an excellent chance that your current hearing aid is equipped with Bluetooth technology, particularly if you purchased it recently. Bluetooth is most often associated with hands-free cell phone use, however it is also commonly seen in home phones, computers, mp3 players and TVs.

Hearing Loss Numbers That May Surprise You

Are you looking for some basic facts and statistics to finally get a family member or friend to get a hearing test or be fitted for a hearing aid?

Hearing Impairment from Live Concert Events – Fact or Fiction?

If you have ever been at a concert and found yourself thinking “This music is just too darned loud,” it doesn’t necessarily indicate that you’ve gotten too old for this sort of music.

Ear Wax Basics: Excessive Ear Wax Can Actually Impact Your Hearing

The canals in our ears are covered with hair follicles as well as glands that produce an oily wax known as cerumen, or ear wax.

The Top Healthy Hearing Food Tips

Eat carrots for better eye sight, is likely a bit of advice most of us were told as children. However, did anybody ever propose foods beneficial to your ears?

Hearing Hospice Program will improve communication for hospice patients

Hearing Healthcare of Virginia announces the creation of the Hearing Hospice Program of Virginia, in cooperation with Southern Care Hospice and Hospice of the Piedmont.

Guidelines for Do-it-Yourself Ear Wax Removal and Cleaning

Among the most common reasons for short-term hearing loss is a build up of ear wax, which obstructs the ear canal and disrupts hearing.

Hearing Healthcare of Virginia Harrisonburg ribbon cutting

Join Hearing Healthcare of Virginia for a ribbon cutting at the Harrisonburg location at noon on Friday. In addition to the ribbon cutting and remarks with the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber of Commerce, Hearing Healthcare of Virginia will have hors d’oeuvres, offer tours of the location and have giveaways!

Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) Treatment Methods

Diagnosing Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) is challenging for a variety of reasons.

Which Size of Battery Does My Hearing Aid Require?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to the question “Which kind of hearing aid battery do I buy?”

Avoiding, Recognizing and Treating Ruptured Eardrums

The eardrum is necessary for hearing because it vibrates in response to sound waves and conveys the vibrations to the brain, but in addition it works as a shield to isolate the inner ear and keep it clear of infection.

Understanding the Wide Range of Abbreviations Commonly Used to Distinguish Hearing Aids Types

More online at www.VirginiaHearingAids.com. Picking out hearing aids can be challenging if you are unfamiliar with the numerous acronyms used to identify basic types. The following collection encompasses the vast majority of the acronyms you are likely to encounter when researching hearing aids and presents a brief explanation of each. The best approach to fully […]

Hearing Loss by Occupation: Careers Which Have the Highest Risks

Do you find yourself worried about hearing loss from excessive noise levels at work? Excessive noise levels are among the most common causes of hearing loss. Some occupations are simply louder than others, and employees in those fields should be appropriately worried about their hearing.