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Elections board to begin third party registration training

Beginning on July 2, 2014, the Department of Elections and local general registrars will begin conducting voter registration drive training mandated by § 24.2-416.6.

Cuccinelli creates committee to advise on restoration of rights process

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli today announced the creation of a bipartisan Attorney General’s Rights Restoration Advisory Committee tasked with examining what alternatives may be available within the existing framework of the Constitution of Virginia to restore the civil rights – primarily voting rights – of individuals convicted of certain nonviolent felonies who have completed their sentences and paid all fines and court-ordered restitution.

McDonnell statement on failure of felon voting rights restoration bill

Gov. Bob McDonnell issued the following statement Monday after a House of Delegates subcommittee failed to act on legislation to provide for the automatic restoration of rights for non-violent felons. The inaction effectively ends the bill’s prospects for passage this session.

Election Day demonstrates the need for reform of Virginia’s election laws

Column by Kent Willis We at the ACLU of Virginia have just completed our tenth year of operating an Election Day hotline for voters, and I have two observations. First, Virginia needs to do a better job of training poll workers. Second, Virginia’s election laws need to undergo a major overhaul. Both are easy to […]