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Hearing help in harmony with your brain


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Do you find it difficult to hear in a crowded airport or at noisy sporting events? The person next to you might be more challenged in meetings or group settings, when the conversation comes from different directions. We all have our own hearing preferences. It all has to do with how our individual brain “hears.”

hearing health careAs we explored in PART 1, ordinary hearing devices assume that the same settings will work for everyone. That’s why speech may sound “tinny” or mechanical, or why you may have trouble distinguishing conversations from background noises.

Oticon’s new Alta employs state-of-the-art technologies that work together seamlessly and automatically. It’s taken years of research, but the results make a remarkable difference. Every Alta hearing device features Speech Guard E, a breakthrough in clear, transparent sound. Speech Guard works like a shield to protect the clarity of sound, even in noisy environments. So conversations sound more natural, and less mechanical or distorted. This technology makes it less stressful for you to hear, identify and select voices.

Alta’s revolutionary Spatial Sound Premium technology allows you to hear in 3-D so you can better follow conversations that come from different directions in a room. Spatial Sound uses wireless communication between your two hearing devices and collaborates with your brain’s natural ability to organize, select and follow the sounds you want to hear.

Every Alta hearing device also features Free Focus, which automatically selects the best high performance directional mode for you, and gives you clearer more natural sound, even in difficult hearing situations.

These technologies are only part of what makes Alta from Oticon a breakthrough hearing solution. In PART 3, we’ll address how TALKING can actually lead to better hearing. Learn how you can get started with Alta by calling us at 866-341-4327 or visit us at www.hearvirginia.com



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