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Press Conference: Virginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer


frank-beamer-ndCoach Beamer opening statement: I know I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, but this is not the same Duke program that we faced four or five years ago. These guys play well. They are probably the most efficient offense we’ve faced since Alabama, really. They’ve got talent. They are well coached. Defensively, I think they play really hard and don’t make too many mistakes. They are a very solid football team. They average about 36 points a game. It’s another tough conference game on our side of the ACC.

Beamer on Duke vs UVA: I haven’t actually watched the game tape, but I was able to watch some of it while it was going on. I think if you look at the last two weeks, they’ve only allowed seven points in the second half and they have scored about 30. These past few weeks they’ve been a really good second-half team. Once kids get that in their mind, it gives them something to build on. Coach Cutcliffe has done a really good job. They’ve got playmakers and kids that can really do things for them. Over the last 20 games they have a winning record so this is a very good football team that certainly deserves everyone’s respect.

Beamer on last year vs Duke: I think it’s pretty obvious that they have the ability to be a scoring offense and over the last two games their defense has been very good. You just have to turn the video on to see that.

Beamer on Fullers: We have a list of about 22 or 23 where a brother followed a brother or a cousin followed a cousin; those types of things. In most cases, the second one was more highly recruited than the first one. They could’ve gone to more places. I think it makes a great statement about us. A brother is going to tell a brother if they don’t treat you right or take an interest in you academically. I think it makes a great statement about our program.

Beamer on Kendall Fuller: We certainly knew he had great talent. I think corner is one of those positions you can play quickly if you do have talent. It’s not like an offensive lineman where you have to work with the guy next to you. I think the position allows him to use his natural athletic ability. I think the thing that is special about him is that he’s very smart. Football makes sense to him. Some guys that can run really fast don’t make good defensive players because the game doesn’t make sense to them. He’s really good because he has confidence. He has the whole package really. That whole family does.

Beamer on Cutcliffe’s QB recruiting/coaching: The history shows that a good quarterback would consider playing under him and learning from him. He does get quality quarterbacks. I think his record speaks for himself with the Mannings and what they think of him. He’s an excellent coach and his football team shows it. If you think about where Duke was and where they are now it shows you the type of coach he is.

Beamer on off week: We start back practice tomorrow and today’s a game plan day. But I think the break was good for us so that we can get back healthy before we begin this tough finish here starting with Duke.

Beamer on the run game: It’s not one thing in particular. One thing moves onto another thing. One time it may be a missed block, the next a missed cut. I think it’s just general execution needing to be better. Getting some more experience at the running back position would help. If it was one thing it would be easy, but I think it’s a combination of things.

Beamer on Antone Exum: I think we’ll see where he is by the end of the week. He’s had more time now and the off week probably helped him out a little bit.

Beamer on the ACC: I think the attention the ACC got from Clemson vs Florida State this weekend was good. The game didn’t quite measure up the build up but I’ve said all along that we are going to get our share of games against teams outside of the conference and that’s what it is judged on right now.



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