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Press Conference: Frank Beamer


Opening statement
“About the game on Saturday, Pittsburgh just played better than we did. Give them credit, I felt that they were prepared, played extremely hard, played extremely physical and I think we can certainly learn from that video and hopefully become a better football team.

“When I look at this Bowling Green team, I see a really good football team. They have 20 of 22 starters back, 10 on defense. They’re very physical up front. They play hard. The quarterback can really throw the football. He’s completed 60 percent. He has three receivers and they spread it around. One of them has 18, one 16 and one has 15 [catches]. Their back is averaging 5 yards a carry. They have a punter that can hit it so this is a team that we’re going to have to prepare for and play a great football game on Saturday.”

On the run defense
“The thing that we’ve done is that Georgia Tech is one kind of offense and Pittsburgh is certainly another kind of offense. Where we ran into problems Saturday is where Pitt got into gaps and we had an injury in the secondary and had some communication problems back there. We had some trouble with that. Then again, give Pittsburgh credit. They played hard and tough and those backs ran really hard, but I think we certainly can learn some things from what happened Saturday.”

On Logan Thomas’ play
“I think it was a little bit Logan, a little bit the receivers not running proper routes at times. Pittsburgh did a good job of keeping pressure on our quarterback, but I’ll say this, Logan battled in there and he competed and there’s no question that he showed some toughness. As an offense, we have to function better. It’s not particularly any one person, it’s one thing here and one thing there. We have to be more consistent.”

On the tailback situation
“Freshmen are playing like freshmen at times. They have to continue to grow. I think there is a lot going on and I thought Pitt was very tough on defense. We have a couple guys there that are seeing things for the first time. They’re going to be OK though.”

On Kyle Fuller’s injury
“That was a tough loss for us. I’ve said all along that we need to stay healthy in the secondary and when he went down, we were shuffling around and had guys playing positions that they hadn’t practiced at so that caused some confusion. We’ll know more later in the week. We’ll put that out there Thursday on our injury report.”

On David Wang’s status
“It wasn’t broken. At first they thought it might be a fracture there, but again, we’ll put it out on Thursday where they stand.”

On what he sees as far as defensive breakdowns against Pitt
“There were some missed tackles and then how we were fitting in our gaps and then some communication problems within our defense. They are all things that can be corrected and we’re going to learn from this video and be better.”

On getting the team to bounce back this week
“I think everybody is going to have adversity somewhere in their life and how you react to it is the deal there. We have to have a great week of practice cause we’re getting ready to play a really good football team, a solid football team that plays really hard. They have a lot of experience back.”



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