Press Conference: Frank Beamer

Press Conference: Frank Beamer


Opening Statement: “I am pleased with our win over Austin Peay. I thought there were some good things that came out of it. I thought offensively we moved the ball well in the second half other than the two fourth down stops and defensively we had one drive there that we didn’t play very well. But other than that we were very solid and then we had some good things go in the kicking game.

“I think it’s a great video to learn from and get better from and I hope that will be the case with our football team. We have Pittsburgh and they had a tough loss with their last outing against Cincinnati. The game could have been different but they missed a couple of scoring opportunities and I think that Cincinnati is a really good football team. But I think they had some guys out and really when you change staffs, you go through some growing pains. They will have some guys back and are with that staff for another week, so we are preparing for a tough, physical football game.”

Q: Pittsburgh’s transitioning to the ACC; Tech had great success transitioning from the BIG EAST to the ACC… Do you think you guys have provided some kind of blueprint for them to follow to have success?

Beamer: I think it’s a very good football program and very good academic school. I think they are in a great state for football. The toughness of about the kids from Pennsylvania, so I think they are going to come right into the ACC and compete very well.

Follow Up: Is there something they can learn from what you guys did?

Beamer: Well I don’t know. I think that their recruiting base is really solid, they have speed on their team and I think Pittsburgh is a place where you can see fast guys. That will make it a good football program.

Q: You held Bruce Taylor out against Austin Peay; do you expect him to be completely healthy for the Pittsburgh game?

Beamer: We will see. I think when you get those ankle injuries it can take longer than you expect so we will see.

Q: Do you expect Tariq Edwards to be back this week or is he still working back?

Beamer: I think he is working his way back.

Q: After watching film and all, did you picked up on anything that may be causing these slow starts offensively, anything you can pin point or is it just one of those things?

Beamer: Well I think it is just one of those things. It goes back to just executing and being consistent. I thought we were much better in the second half than first half.

Q: Your offense seems to get a real spark when you go to the two minute no huddle situations, one, why do you think that is and two, do you have any plans to use more of that?

Beamer: We are looking at everything. I think when we hurry up like that and Logan is in charge, he seems to function very well in that kind of setting. So we are going to look at all that here this coming week.

Q: When you were asked earlier about Pitt coming into the ACC, when you guys does it add anything to this game knowing that it will be a conference game in the future?

Beamer: Yea. I think every time we have played Pittsburgh when we were in the BIG EAST; we had a lot of respect for that program. They have always had solid, good football players, but they have had several coaching changes in the past couple years so I think when you go through coaching changes there are adjustment periods. I think that’s just the way it is. We have always had respect from them and we sure do have respect for them now.


27 – September 11, 2012

Q: When you face a team with a new coach like this and you don’t have really have a whole body of film to work off of, do you look back at what him and his staff did at Wisconsin or how do you approach that?

Beamer: Well it’s just a lot of unknowns going into this ball game. We don’t really have a lot of defense on them and it’s just a lot of unknowns. We just have to be ready for a lot of things.

Q: Is there an advantage to you guys when they go to study your tape they are looking at Georgia Tech, which is an unusual offense and defense, and then Austin Peay, who are not really a top opponent, do you have an advantage there?

Beamer: Oh I don’t know. I think from tape you see what a team does and defensively against Georgia Tech, that’s a different animal, but whatever you got on tape is helpful.

Q: How would you assess your offensive line plays so far?

Beamer: I think it has been okay and is getting better all the time. I think our athletic ability shows up at times and now it just has to be a consistent performance.

Q: Your special teams overall, you had a punt blocked, punt returned, what do you think that group is as a whole?

Beamer: I think we just have to keep working at it. We spent a lot of time on special teams in preseason and it paid off on Saturday and am hopeful that it will help us win football games.



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