newsletter waynesboro resident urges city to address homelessness issue

Letter: Waynesboro resident urges city to address homelessness issue

homeless encampment Waynesboro
B Street homeless encampment, image submitted by Pamela Mitchell

I live on High street and my property backs up to the creek. I and several of my neighbors have called the authorities numerous times regarding the same issue. They are burning trash and plastics and I’m afraid if the wooded area catches fire, our neighborhood will be destroyed.

I also have people walking through my yard all hours of the night!

Last summer, we were able to contact the property owners and they, along with the police asked the people to move on, that it was private property and they were trespassing.

I’ve already had one attempted home burglary and don’t really want another.

The city needs to start addressing this issue. They have spread out to the residential areas and I for one do not feel safe in my own home.

– Stacie Miller-Czelusta, submitted as a comment on AFP story