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Justice, weight-conscious, global-warming alarmists, conventional wisdom


Winners and Losers column by Chris Graham

LOSER: Everybody
Did you hear about the case involving a woman in Charlottesville who was charged with obtaining money under false pretenses, was taken before a grand jury, was not indicted, and then was not released until her attorneys found out about the snafu a month later?
Yeah – this makes us all feel good about how our criminal-justice system works.


LOSER: Waistlines in Waynesboro
Headline: Sonic is coming! Sonic is coming! Sonic is coming!
I’m getting fatter already just thinking about it.


Headline: Patrick Michaels resigns UVa. post.
So now the position of state-funded global-warming-denier falls to … who, exactly?


PUSH: Retiring clerk endorses independent in Rockingham race
It wasn’t at all a surprise – but you still have to wonder what impact the endorsement of retiring Rockingham County circuit-court clerk Wayne Harper of candidate Mike Harvey will have on the 11-candidate race.
Conventional wisdom would say that the advantage in this kind of race would fall one to a major-party nominee, two to a candidate who is currently working as a deputy in the office, and three to whomever gets the nomination of the outgoing officeholder.
And so the conventional wisdom says that … well, it’s hard to say now.


Chris Graham is the executive editor of The Augusta Free Press.



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