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Why have John Cena in a Brock Lesnar rematch at WWE Night of Champions?


john cenaTriple H announced Tuesday night during the TV taping for WWE Main Event that former WWE champ John Cena will utilize the rematch clause in his contract to challenge new champ Brock Lesnar in the main event at the next WWE pay-per-view, Night of Champions.

Which makes sense from a booking perspective for WWE because …

OK, honestly, who else is in line for a WWE title shot right now? That’s the fault of WWE creative, which did nothing to establish anybody as a next rival for Lesnar, either in the walkup to SummerSlam or at the event itself.

Meaning Lesnar wins in the biggest squash main event title match in WWE pay-per-view history, and, oh, well, guess we need to rematch that, because it was so good the first time.

A friend in the wrestling business messaged me this week to offer the observation that your average Road Warriors-Mulkey Brothers squash on the old tbs Saturday night at 6:05 p.m. show had more drama and action than Lesnar-Cena.

That was before either of us knew that we were in line for Part II.

A Cena win, as one can expect, given that WWE creative can’t seem to imagine a few weeks going by without Cena as the champ, makes the SummerSlam squash have even less sense to it.

A Lesnar win makes those of us who invest the three hours into Night of Champions wonder why we invest time and $9.99 a month into WWE.

Either way, we’re already losers.

Pittsburgh Steelers and Carolina Panthers on NBC that Sunday night, Sept. 21. We have to hope that those two get off to good starts, or otherwise, the sports night is lost.

– Column by Chris Graham



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