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Sanford D. Horn | A Burr-is in the Dems’ side


When The Washington Post and the Chicago Tribune call for a Democrat’s resignation, one can just picture the snow falling in hell. The gift that keeps on giving – Roland Burris and Illinois politics are embroiled in the continuing saga of “can anyone tell the truth in Honest Abe’s Land of Lincoln?”

Whether or not Burris perjured himself regarding his connection to former Illinois governor “Lightning” Rod Blagojevich and fundraising issues is becoming both murkier by the day and irrelevant as more and more supporters are calling for his resignation for the betterment of the people of Illinois. Gov. Pat Quinn, a Democrat, called for Burris’ resignation on Friday, Feb. 20. Two days prior, nearly three dozen ministers and pastors from black churches who have supported Burris, have also called for him to step aside, demonstrating their lack of faith in the senator.

Judge Andrew Napolitano of the Fox News Channel indicated that Burris could escape perjury charges, but still lose his law license for providing “misleading” testimony. Sadly such behavior would not cost Burris his Senate seat, but he has still demonstrated a diminution of honesty and integrity in the eyes of non-supporters and supporters alike. That would be strong circumstance for Burris to resign his seat and allow the people of Illinois to have their faith restored in a more forthright representative.

This situation is yet another reason to call for the amendment of the United States Constitution’s 17th Amendment, which, while allowing for the direct election of federal senators, grants the governor the right to appoint a Senate replacement upon a vacancy. As has been demonstrated in recent weeks, this process leaves quite a bit to be desired when witnessing the activities in Illinois, New York, Delaware and what might have been in New Hampshire. For more information on that subject, read my Feb. 4 column entitled “Special Elections Should Trump Special Exceptions” at http://sanfordhorn.blogtownhall.com/. Such special elections would avoid the stench of impropriety and potential quid pro quo.

Although Burris continues to maintain his innocence, in the best interest of the citizens of Illinois he should resign.


– Column by Sanford D. Horn



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