Press Conference: Frank Beamer

Press Conference: Frank Beamer


Opening Statement: Good win versus Bowling Green. I thought our kids played with great effort and showed some improvement.

You look at this Cincinnati crowd and they are by far the most athletic team we have played. The defense has nine seniors and one junior coming back. They can really run and I know they led the country in tackles for losses and I think were second in sacks last year. I mean just a really, really good defense.

Offensively, the quarterback can get you both ways. I think he has completed 60 percent of his passes and he is the second-leading rusher on the team. [Ralph] Abernathy is explosive at tailback, [George] Winn is a really tough guy running and the couple receivers, number 6 [Anthony McClung] and number 7 [Kenbrell Thompkins], are explosive.

This is just a really quick, fast, athletic football team. So we have our work cut out for us.

Q: I think a few of us noticed that Andrew Miller was coming in and out of the game at a time against Bowling Green when you weren’t shuffling in and out some of your other offensive linemen. I was just wondering if Andrew was hurt again at some point or were you just trying to get Caleb Farris work at center…

Beamer: The second part, getting Caleb in there and giving Andrew some rest time. Caleb for the most part has played really well and so I think keeping our guys rested is an important part of being consistently good for the offensive line.

Q: But Andrew is okay?

Beamer: Oh yea.

Q: How do you think Tariq moved out on the field and do you think he will be better this week and be able to give you a little more?

Beamer: Yea I do. He did okay and I think, as each week goes by he will get a little bit better.

Q: You guys have had your fair share of quarterbacks who can run it just as well as they pass it. Does that give you some insight in to defending Cincinnati’s guy? What do you think is the key in defending dual threats like that?

Beamer: I tell you, the people around him really makes it tough. Because those receivers, they can go get it. #1, he can scoot and they just have good skill people around him so trying to cover everything in this offense makes it tough.

Q: What is your evaluation of your running backs at this point?

Beamer: Well I though Saturday they all gave you something. I though Tony Gregory came in there and play with speed and was kind of at a different level. Holmes had a couple plays where he showed ability and Coleman, the same thing. Scales is it’s just his toughness and downhill running. So they all bring something, it is just hard trying to get all of them a lot of work. And that is what we have to figure out right now.

Q: I know you said that you were going to try to use them by committee this year, were you hoping to have a little more separation at this point then you’ve seen?

Beamer: I think they all did well in the last ball game and so I think there was some improvement there. I’d rather see them all come along and make it hard to decide who should be in there.

Q: There was somewhat of a negative reaction from the fans after the Pitt loss. Have you talked to your guys about ignoring what goes on the fan sites and twitter, etc.

Beamer: No. I hope they do what I do, just don’t read and just get back on the field and correct what you can take care of and just play better.

Q: Has that always been your approach or is something you had to learn early in your career?

Beamer: No, that has always been the way. You can’t really do anything about what people write and say. I mean, what you can do is correct the technique, problems, and play better. That’s the way to solve the problem.

Q: What is your Twitter policy and what you do tell your guys about using the social media sites?

Beamer: Well we spend time in preseason educating them on social media and if you are going to do it, make sure you are doing it in a smart way. And the team comes first and always will.

Q: About Tariq, Bruce had mentioned once Tariq gets back that Bruce will play in both spots, is that the plan or how do you envision the linebackers working?

Beamer: No, I think we need to see where Tariq is and then decide how we are going to do things.

Q: How concerned are you about Logan’s fingernail affecting him this week?

Beamer: I don’t think that is a problem. He is a tough guy and I think he will be just fine.

Q: What did you think about the offensive line’s play overall and how much does that factor in with the success of the running game?

Beamer: I think they played better. They fought and played with a little more toughness and I think that that is the way to go.

Q: Do you think that they got pushed back at all?

Beamer: No, I thought they hung in there pretty well.

Q: You have pretty good set policy on how you do your injury information, I am curious on how that is developed and has it changed over the years on how much information coaches are willing to put out there?

Beamer: Well we developed it at an ACC coaches meeting and the idea was to not be talking about it all week. So to just put it out on Thursday and let that be it.

Q: With the prevalence of social media and all of that, does it make it more important to not have all of your information out there or is that not a factor?

Beamer: I have never been one to really play games with what people have heard or whatever. If you are hurt, you are hurt and if you aren’t going to play, you aren’t going to play. I am not big on that.

Q: Cincinnati has had a lot of success the past few years, but their coaches leave after three years or they have for the last couple. Why have you stayed at Virginia Tech for so long and what kept you there and how important is that continuity to have success at a program?

Beamer: Virginia Tech is a special place to me and of course I went to school here and every time I thought about leaving, it was just hard to leave. I think the status of the program has changed over the years and I think we are thought of differently. Our facilities have changed and being about of that made it tough for me to leave here.

Q: How important is that for a program to sustain success to have a coach stay for a long time?

Beamer: Well I think it is important. Whenever there is a change there is always an adjustment to that change. So if you have good people and can keep them that leads to consistency in your program I believe.

As far as recruiting goes you have the same people into those school and developing relationships. And as far as a program goes you are doing the same thing year after year so you just continue to get better.

Q: Have you seen that growth in Cincinnati’s program even though they haven’t had that one coach?

Beamer: Oh I tell ya, I am really impressed with what they have there right now. Of course, they have all that experience on defense and explosiveness on offense, but I mean they coach them up and I am really impressed.



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