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Mark Warner, Ed Gillespie take Senate squabble to TV


A new Ed Gillespie TV ad claims that Sen. Mark Warner has “Lost His Way.” Warner, the Democratic incumbent, responds with the “Truth” about Gillespie, a former Republican National Committee chairman.

“Ed Gillespie’s flailing attempts to misportray Senator Warner’s record are the surest sign of a desperate campaign. His claims have been called ‘misleading’ and ‘bogus’ by independent political analysts. But that’s what you would expect from someone who has spent their whole career as a partisan operative and D.C. lobbyist,” said David Turner, a spokesman for the Warner Senate campaign.

Well, then.

Warner has a comfortable lead in the polls, anywhere from an outlier of nine points in a recent Quinnipiac survey to around 20 in several renderings of the race, so it’s not so much about pole position as it is just how the game is played these days.

That in mind, here we go to Gillespie campaign manager Chris Leavitt for his money shot.

Mark Warner told us he would be an independent voice for Virginians, but has lost his way in Washington, voting 97 percent of the time with President Obama. In a moment of candor, the President said yesterday that while he wasn’t running himself, ‘Make no mistake: these policies are on the ballot. Every single one of them.’ Ed Gillespie’s economic growth plan offers Virginians a new and better direction,” Leavitt said.



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