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Don’t blame me

The Politics Beat column by Chris Graham
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You think George Bush using a speech to the Knesset to mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Israeli state to compare Barack Obama to Neville Chamberlain is bad, well …

Does anybody out there not expect the President from Hell and his Minion McCain to try to bog us down in yet another war before the 2008 election is all said and done?

All indications are that Bush is ready to go full steam ahead with some sort of attack on Iran. And it appears that he has the full faith and support of one John McCain as he prepares to set our country on that course.

As the president was trying to scare the American public into thinking that Obama wants to appease Hamas militants, McCain released a statement critical of Obama’s pledge to engage Iran in diplomatic discussions that said that Obama “shows naiveté and inexperience and lack of judgment to say that he wants to sit down across the table from an individual who leads a country who says that Israel is a stinking corpse.”

So it’s clear now. They’ve identified Iran as a problem, and they’re not willing to try to work through the problem.

So what option do we have left?

Remember when McCain tried to be funny a few months back by invoking the Beach Boys’ tune “Barbara Ann” to describe his Iran ideas. “Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.”
Yeah. The craprain from Iraq apparently hasn’t been enough. Bush and McCain want us to be greeted on the streets of Teheran with flowers now, too.

Don’t blame me. I voted for Gore.



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