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ClineWatch: Ben Cline’s reward from Exxon Mobil

Gene Zitver
ben cline
Ben Cline. Photo courtesy Ben Cline congressional campaign.

For the past several months, Congressman Ben Cline has been blaming rising fuel prices exclusively on President Biden and the Democrats for supposedly restricting oil exploration and drilling in the United States. (Not true, by the way.)

What Cline absolutely refuses to do is to call out major energy companies for raking in record profits while jacking up prices at the pump.

For example:

At the end of April, Exxon Mobil reported $5.48 billion in profits during the first quarter of 2022 – also more than doubling its profits compared with the same period last year. Revenue for the Irving, Texas-based company was $90.5 billion, far exceeding the revenue of $59.15 billion during the same quarter in 2021.

So what is Cline’s reward for focusing the blame on Democrats rather than on Big Oil?

Here it is, from his latest campaign finance report:

And there’s likely to be much more where that came from.

Gene Zitver is the author of ClineWatch.

Gene Zitver

Gene Zitver

Gene Zitver is the editor of ClineWatch.