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Grand jury issues indictment in shooting death of Virginia service dog

Crystal Graham
Joeseph Sande with Bear
Joeseph Sande with Bear, submitted

An Augusta County Circuit Court grand jury indicted Louis Edward Davis, 67, for the death of his neighbor’s service dog, Buddy Bear, today.

The Commonwealth Attorney’s office confirmed that the grand jury found a “true bill” in the case which means the evidence presented Monday showed probable cause that a crime was committed.

Davis’ attorney set the case for a plea on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, at 2:30 p.m. in Augusta County Circuit Court.

A trial date will be set at the plea hearing, and the defendant will have the opportunity to waive a jury trial if a bench trial is preferred.

If a jury trial is waived, a judge alone will determine whether to convict or acquit Davis.

Davis faces a Class 6 felony for cruelty to animals; and a Class 1 misdemeanor for reckless handling of a firearm.

The service dog, Buddy Bear, was allegedly shot and killed by Davis with a .44 Magnum revolver on Sept. 15 in the Cherry Orchard subdivision, according to court testimony from Augusta County Sheriff 1st Sgt. Michael Roane, at a preliminary hearing in Augusta County General District Court on Dec. 5.

The service dog’s owner, Joeseph Sande, and his wife, Edith, had moved to Virginia weeks before his dog was shot and killed. Sande, who served in Afghanistan, Bagram, Kuwait and Iraq, said that Bear helped him with PTSD and terrible nightmares.

“Bear reminded me to take all my medication,” Sande told AFP in a December interview. “And he helped me with night terrors and to calm down from flashbacks. Now my wife has to deal with the nightmares. She ended up losing her job because I was constantly blowing up her phone, messaging her when things happened and when I had anxiety attacks.”

The Sandes have a protective order against Davis, and his wife, Teresa, through May 28.

Teresa Davis faces a misdemeanor assault charge for a Sept. 28 incident where she allegedly attempted to run down Sande while he was on a walk with his surviving husky, Hazel. At a hearing on Dec. 5, Augusta County General District Court Judge Rupen Shah continued the assault case until May 28 at 10 a.m. giving in his words time “to see how the parties behave.”

A neighbor, Renee Roberts, also had a protective order granted against Louis Davis since the incident occurred nearby her home and because Davis has allegedly threatened her dogs in the past.

Davis is currently out on bond, but he is not allowed to return to his home until the court process is complete.

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Crystal Graham

Crystal Graham

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