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Winners and Losers: Aug. 20, 2008


Compiled by Chris Graham
[email protected]

THOM. JEFF. IS ROLLING OVER IN HIS GRAVE (AGAIN): UVa. athletics bans signs at Scott, JPJ

I like one post on TheSabre.com regarding this news: “Somebody’s expecting us to have a pretty bad year, I guess.”

Um, yeah.

So fans can’t bring signs because they might offend somebody by saying, I dunno, “Fire Al Groh.” That’s pretty much it, right?

This is the same university that was founded by Thomas Jefferson, correct? And he had something to do with, among other things, the Declaration of Independence and the Federalist Papers and all that jazz?

I’m embarrassed to say that I’m a UVa. alum.


BY THE TIME THEY GET TO ARIZONA: McCain isn’t pulling 50 down that way?

The Obama campaign sent out a press release today touting an Arizona poll that has John McCain up only 10 points in his home state, and probably more significantly only pulling 40 percent of the vote in ‘Zona, with 30 percent undecided.

They I looked at Zogby’s last Arizona poll and saw that it actually had Obama slightly ahead of McCain, though Zogby assumes that McCain will eventually win his home state.

At first glance, I mean, come on, don’t these people know McCain well enough to give it to him in a walk? And he’s getting 39 to 40 percent right now? What more does he need to do to make his case to Arizona voters?



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