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U.S. shoots down another unidentified object: Serious question … is it aliens?

Chris Graham
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The U.S. military has shot down three unknown objects over U.S. and Canadian airspace in the past week, and if you thought the aliens weren’t pissed off after the first one, well.

The third shootdown involved an object flying at 20,000 feet over Lake Huron in Michigan on Sunday, which according to the Pentagon was taken down at 2:42 p.m. ET at the direction of President Biden.

The object had been detected earlier in the day over Montana, and while it was not assessed to be a military threat, it was deemed to be a flight hazard and a threat “due to its potential surveillance capabilities,” according to a statement from the Department of Defense.

None of the three most recent objects shot down over U.S. and Canadian airspace have been linked to China, the source of the spy balloon shot down last week off the coast of South Carolina after a cross-country flight, or any other foreign power, raising serious questions that have been making their way into the upper echelons of U.S. government about possible extraterrestrial origins.

Air Force Gen. Glen VanHerck, in an-the-record briefing with reporters on Sunday, said he would “let the intel community and the counterintelligence community figure that out.”

“I haven’t ruled out anything at this point,” VanHerck said. “We continue to assess every threat or potential threat unknown that approaches North America with the attempt to identify it.”

The New York Times reported on Sunday that Biden administration officials have taken to issuing private assurances to those who have been reaching out that “there is no evidence that they involve extraterrestrial activity,” but because no one has been able to say who is responsible for the objects, the opportunity is there for people to speculate.

Far-right commentator Charlie Kirk is among those taking the ball and running toward a rabbit hole, suggesting on his podcast on Monday that the objects could be “a false flag operation to fake an alien invasion or fake a UFO hysteria crisis to try to justify more power — lockdowns — control.”

As much as you want to suggest all Kirk is missing is the tinfoil hat, the lack of answers is creating a vacuum that is being filled with everything from it’s the Russians to it’s aliens to it’s us.

If I were to put money on it, I’d be tempted to go with aliens, but then, aliens would have to be better at this than to just float a series of car-sized objects at commercial-flight altitudes for us to shoot down, unless …

They could just be getting sloppy.

Chris Graham

Chris Graham

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