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The new House Republican majority is made up of election deniers

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By Glenn Kobler

Everyone should be concerned about the new House majority, which can’t even select a Speaker without historic chaos.

The House of Representatives is now controlled by MAGA Republicans. According to the Washington Post, over 70 percent of House Republicans are election deniers, and they will use their power to enrich their corporate donors and advance their extreme agenda—including threatening our freedom to vote, criminalizing abortion, and cutting Social Security and Medicaid.

Judging by how the election for the Speaker of the House has gone, we should all be concerned about their ability to govern.

MAGA cronies like Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan, Steve Scalise, and Marjorie Taylor Greene have already indicated that their top priority in 2023 will be sham investigations into the Biden administration and other democracy defenders, including those charged with investigating the attack on the Capitol on January 6th.

We must call out their lies at every turn and combat their far-right agenda to protect our freedoms and our democracy in 2023.

Glenn Kobler resides in Augusta County.