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Stop the Presses: This is why we can’t have good things


312_stopthepressesWhat the hell is up with people these days where we can’t have good things anymore?

Nobody enjoys … anything, and because they can’t enjoy it, neither can you. Rave on Facebook about a movie you just saw and see what happens.

That movie sucked. Totally overrated. I can’t believe the casting decisions. And the screenplay was awful. Nothing at all like the book.

And your point is?

God forbid you say something somewhere about how you ate at (shudder!) a chain restaurant.

You like Applebee’s? Applebee’s is gross. I’d rather eat burnt garbage out of a cat’s ass.

Well, then, go for it. Hate the movies. Root against your own favorite sports team.

We won, but only by six. We have no chance in the playoffs.

How many generations separated are we from living in dirt with nothing to eat but what we could kill or grub for?

Now we have our noses stuck up in the air like plentiful food and drink, housing, water and sewer, entertainment in our pockets 24/7 and the rest isn’t good enough for us.

Need to get over ourselves and enjoy it.

Yeah, I know.

This guy sucks. Totally overrated. Can barely spell, and all those run-ons. Big waste of time.

– Column by Chris Graham




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