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Social Media Mailbag: Ben Cline doesn’t like zero-emission school buses

Chris Graham
ben cline
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The Biden administration has earmarked $900 million to pay for zero-emission school buses, with three local school systems slated to get $1.4 million to replace diesel-fueled buses in their fleets.

To Ben Cline, this is the beginning of the end of the world.

“The Biden admin is wasting $900M to decarbonize school buses while child test scores plummet across America. Their priorities are disastrously misguided. Any money spent should go towards resources for our children’s education, not their radical green agenda,” Cline tweeted on Friday.

The tweet, to say the least, didn’t get over on his thread.

“So, you’re against clean air, too,” wrote Sparks, a retired librarian from Harrisonburg, in the Twitter thread. “As an elite, you’ve probably never followed one of those diesel buses. Electric ones are more cost efficient, too, so we could spend more money on teachers and reducing class sizes. But you’re apparently against that, too.”

“What if reducing particulate matter helps them and improves their mental function?” observed Steve Nagy.

“Sounds like kids who aren’t suffering from asthma caused by pollution might do better in school. You need to do some research on the negative effects of pollution on kids’ health,” was the observation of Sharin Stone.

One final reply: “Test scores won’t matter sh-t if the earth is dead. But you wouldn’t know anything about that ‘cause you’re MAGA stupid,” Michael Katch tweeted back at Cline.

Chris Graham

Chris Graham

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