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Press Conference: Washington Redskins coach Jay Gruden


redskins-helmetOn waiving linebacker Brandon Jenkins:

“We decided to make a move with Brandon and move forward with our football team. We like the play of the guys that were behind him. They’ve stepped up their play – Adrian Robinson, Gabe Miller has had some good snaps. Obviously, the drafting of Trent Murphy has a major impact and we thought the earlier we get, we make that move to give Brandon a chance somewhere else would be beneficial to him.”


On defensive end Stephen Bowen’s status and bringing in defensive ends for a workout:

“Stephen’s still rehabbing and we have a spot right now because of the move with Brandon, so we’re going to look at a couple guys tomorrow. Not just Everette Brown, but there will be another guy or two involved also and if they fit the bill then we’ll bring another one in here.”


On his feelings about playing in inclement weather:

“I love to play outside when I can, just lightning, obviously, we can’t play out in the lightning for the safety of the players. And we don’t want to tear up the field, but [it] depends on how hard the rain is. We got away with the first day – it was raining. That was borderline, but we got our reps in. We’re happy about that, but, obviously we don’t want to get any pulls and have any guys come up lame because of the wet field and tearing up the field, so we’ll gauge that. I would love to get out there if we can, but if it’s dangerous for the players then we won’t.”


On offensive lineman Maurice Hurt’s timetable for return after passing his physical:

“Mo Hurt, I believe will be able to practice today in the walkthrough, so he should be available for tomorrow’s practice.”


On Hurt not being available for the start of camp:

“Well, it wasn’t so much that he was out of shape. After further review he lost some weight in the offseason and we came back for the conditioning test and something wasn’t right. We wanted to make sure he was healthy enough to resume practice. He did not finish his conditioning test, but I don’t think it was because he was out of shape because his weight was down. His weight was fine… We don’t know [what was wrong]. We just took the proper precautions with him. We’re very safe nowadays with all the information we have. We just want to make sure he was healthy enough and nothing was wrong with him, because it was very out of character for him not to be able to finish. Larry [Hess] took the proper precautions and our doctors took the proper precautions, and he should be good to go.”


On the depth of the offensive line:

“It’s been outstanding. I think that the depth of all our positions has been very good, very solid. We’re seeing a lot of good play. When we take the ones out, we’re seeing good play from the second group and the third group. That’s great to see. The line in particular, they’re doing very good. Our rookie lineman that we drafted, they’re doing very good. [Morgan] Moses is doing good. Obviously [Spencer] Long is doing good. You look at the other guys, they’re playing well. We’ve got Mike McGlynn. He’s one of the twos back there at center. He’s played a lot of football in the NFL. He’s doing well. So we feel good about where we are with the offensive line. Now it’s just a matter of finding the right ones and picking the right guys for the roster.”


On what it means to him to host Military Appreciation Day:

“It was awesome. We had one at OTAs also. It’s great to get them out here and be a part of this. They’re big fans. We were signing balls and posters left and right. We’re as big a fan of them as they are of us. It’s great to have them out here and they’re welcome anytime. I said that last time they came out at OTAs. Anytime they want to come out we’ll welcome them with open arms.”


On if rookie wide receiver Cody Hoffman has caught his attention:

“He has. He’s made some big plays. There’s some  things he’s got to work on and fight through from discipline as far as routes go, but he is a big target. That’s something if you look at our receiving corps we may be lacking so to speak, but these other guys are playing well, too. You saw Ryan Grant have a big day today. You saw Santana Moss catch a big touchdown today. So we’ve got some other guys, Andre Roberts has probably been the most consistent out of all of them, and, of course, DeSean [Jackson] makes a big splash every day. I like the fact that we have a lot of depth at the receiver position. Rashad Lawrence has had some big plays as a rookie free agent also. There’s a lot of guys that are catching our eye and that’s important. We try to preach that you’re not going to get many reps and when you do, you better take advantage of them and so far a lot of guys are taking advantage of the reps and that’s been pretty exciting. Like I said the other day, it’s very important when New England comes to town to see how they handle the live bullets there in practice without scripted plays, without all that. Obviously the preseason games will be huge for these guys.”


On if Trent Williams’ ability with his feet is coachable to a player like Morgan Moses or if Williams is simply blessed:

“Yeah, that’s blessed. You can’t teach what Trent Williams has. He’s a giant of a man plus he’s got the feet of a ballerina, so that is genetics right there at its finest. He’s a very good player. Obviously we are going to work with Trent Williams and the suddenness in his feet and all that stuff every single day. Trent has shown some ability to get up to the next level and show some ability to redirect and all that, and Morgan has done a good job also. We are happy with his progress so far. Every day you can see him picking up a little bit more, maybe redirecting on an inside move or bouncing out to a nickel on a nickel blitz so he’s doing some good things. He’s got a long way to go obviously, as do a lot of guys – myself included – but he’s doing some good things.”


On if he has done something to cut down on the number of times quarterback Robert Griffin III has taken off on pass plays in practice:

“It depends. It’s play dependent. Every play is its own entity and sometimes he feels pressure, sometimes the defense does a good job of taking away his first two options and there’s pressure and he has to run. It just so happened today that he was getting through his first, second or third progression and making good throws and getting the ball out of his hands and the receiver is doing a good job getting open. And that could change tomorrowTomorrow there could be pressure and he’s got to step up and scramble. So every play is its own entity and how the quarterback handles pressure, how he handles coverage in the secondary and the decisions that he makes as far as running, throwing the ball away, are going to be the difference in us being an average team and a great team.”


On cornerback Richard Crawford:

“I’ve been impressed with Richard. He looks like he’s running around good.  Larry [Hess] and those guys have done a great job with him and Richard has been very diligent as far as his rehab is concerned. You can see he’s ready to go and we made that point with Jason Hatcher and these other guys – we’re not going to let these guys come back on the field after an injury unless they’re 100 percent. And you can see that Crawford is 100 percent and he’s doing some good things.”


On why he canceled Monday’s walkthrough:

Tomorrow will be our third day in a row in pads. We’re going to go full pads tomorrow with the pants included. We might do some live drills tomorrow and we are going to cancel the meeting and go through our meetings. Instead of having a walkthrough we will have a dinner and I will probably give them off that night just to get away from everybody. It’s been a grind. When you’re around the same guys for five days in a row for about 18 hours a day, you get tired of looking at them. I’m tired of looking at them and I want them out of the building for a few hours, enjoy themselves and get a nice dinner and be ready to work on Wednesday.”


On if there is an updated timeline for defensive end Jason Hatcher and wide receiver Leonard Hankerson:

“No updated timeline. Like I said, that will totally be up to the player and trainer. When they’re ready, they’ll be ready.”


On clarifying what he meant about having live drills tomorrow:

“There might be some tackling involved. We’ve had a little bit, unfortunately. They’re not supposed to tackle, but we’re going to have probably some live drills tomorrow, yes.”



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