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Press Conference: Washington coach Jay Gruden


redskins_scriptrWashington coach Jay Gruden talks with reporters on Friday. Washington opens its 2014 NFL home schedule on Sunday against Jacksonville.


On the injury report:

Jordan Reed is ruled out [and] Tracy Porter and Akeem Jordan. Then doubtful will be [defensive end Kedric] Golston.”


On kicker Kai Forbath:

“Kai is questionable right now. He had some groin soreness and he is going to kick tomorrow and hopefully he will be OK. Just a little sore in the groin and we are just trying to be safe with him and see what he can dotomorrow. He is going to have to prove to us tomorrow that he can kick. It’s just a weird deal.”


On if Forbath’s injury is similar to last year:

“I don’t think it is as severe as last year, I think he felt just a little stiffness in there and he is playing it very safe right now and he is going to kick tomorrow. I think he is going to be OK. He said he knows the pain he went through and what he went through last year. He said it is not close to that, so hopefully he is just being a little bit cautious.”


On if the team will have a kicker on standby:

“Oh yeah, we will have a kicker in the game, that for sure, whether it’s Kai or someone else.”


On if the short passing game can be effective without missed tackles:

“It’s very important but we have to make sure we get them in space. They were catching tackles right now. We have got to be able to get some guys in space where they have a chance to break some tackles. A lot of that has to do with play design and ball location and then the receivers creating space for themselves with the route, then after the catch making some people miss. So there is a lot involved in that. There are a lot of teams that you don’t have to throw the ball 40 yards down the field in the course of the game to be successful throwing the ball. There are a lot of teams that take the three-step, five-step drops consistently and then they get in the red zone and are able to throw the fades and the quick slants and all that stuff and still be effective. We just weren’t quite as effective with the runs after the catch but that will come.”


On linebacker Keenan Robinson’s communication and his play:

“I was very impressed with Keenan. I thought he had a very good game. You know, he’s one of the few – not one of the few – but one of the bright spots of this team, I think. Just his energy, his understanding of the defense, his ability to communicate and then tackle. I thought he played extremely well and he’s a guy that’s just going to get better and better with the reps that he gets and the game time that he gets.  No substitute for playing experience and the more he gets, the better he’s going to be. He has all the tools, he’s got all the smarts and the more comfortable he gets, the more of an impact he will be in the NFL.”


On if he is confident the team is eliminating mistakes:

“Yeah, pretty good. We still have our share. You know, we never are going to be perfect. We’re always going to seek perfection, but we’re never going to be perfect and just have got to continue to coach. We’ve got a good staff here and players are all receptive to coaching and we just got to keep giving the looks, giving the situations and hopefully they have a great understanding on Sunday of the importance of each situation and each play as its own entity – everybody doing their job and being in the right spot. Crossing our fingers, but we feel good where we’re at mentally right now, now it’s a matter of letting the guys just go out there and play with a reckless style and have some fun doing it.”


On wide receiver Marvin McNutt:

“We’re going to look at him, and practice squad guys, I make it known that they’re being judged every day. You come out here and you make your mark on the practice squad. There’s a lot of guys that I was with in Cincinnati that made their mark on the practice squad, and we brought them up very quickly. Marvin is a good looking kid – big kid, strong kid – and he’s one of the receivers you would like to look at as a young guy and want to see him develop, and as he picks up the system, he could be a factor towards the end of the season. There will be a handful of practice squad players on our team right now that will make an impact on our team sooner than later.”


On if the team would be ‘walking a tightrope’ by possibly dressing five defensive linemen:

“Yeah, it’s all we have, but Kedric will be doubtful – he’s listed as doubtful. There’s a lot of teams that dress five defensive linemen. We happened to dress six last week, lost two in the course of the game, but I think five is a good number for us still. We still have the four linebackers, we have five safeties, so we have a good number of guys that will dress. I think they might have to play a little bit more than they’re used to, but I think they’re in good shape – Jarvis [Jenkins], [Chris] Baker, [Jason] Hatcher – I think all those guys can be ready to roll, [Frank] Kearse has got a chance to be active. We have the able bodies, it’s just a matter of going out and playing and staying hydrated and still working a good rotation.”


On his expectations for defensive end Frank Kearse:

“He’s done well. He came in, he’s one of the young guys that you didn’t really expect to emerge like he has so far. Now it’s just a matter of going out on a game day, if he’s chosen to do so, and going out and producing. In the preseason games, he made his mark – he made his presence known – and that’s what you have to do when you’re a rookie trying to make a team or a second-year guy trying to make a team, as a free agent type guy, take advantage of your reps and make your presence known, and he did that and that’s why he’s here. We have confidence in Frank, and hopefully he’s ready to roll.”



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