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Press Conference: Virginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer


frank-beamer-ndOpening Statement: “This is a team that we’ve had a hard time beating; they’ve gotten us the last four times. When you go back and check, Alabama hasn’t done that, LSU hasn’t done that, Texas A&M hasn’t done that, Clemson hasn’t done that, Florida State hasn’t done that and Miami hasn’t done that, but Pittsburgh has. Last time we played them, they had 537 yards against us, we turned the ball over four times, we only had 59 yards rushing, it’s just a team that we’ve had a hard time beating. Whether it’s matchups or something else, it’s a team that we haven’t had great success against. I think they’re very, very tough. I think that, offensively, it’s like Alabama: tough, aggressive, hard-nosed and they’ll run right at you. They have a couple receivers: [Devin] Street is a big, tall guy and [Tyler] Boyd is a young guy, but he’s explosive. They have about 44 catches between them, I think. They have a big offensive line, all of them are 6’6” except for the center. Defensively, they fly around and they’re aggressive, so this is a good football team. We have similar situations; we both started the season with a top-five team and they’ve done very well since, so we’re on very similar paths in that regard. It’s a big ballgame and a conference game this week.

Q: In terms of the matchups in these four losses to Pittsburgh, is there anything that you can put your finger on as a main issue?

A: Well, I think they have good players; I remember [current Arizona Cardinal WR Larry] Fitzgerald lining up for them in a few of those wins. They’ve always had good players and I think Pennsylvania is a great state for football. Their players are always tough and they’ve always had good coaches. You put those things together and you better get ready to play a heck of a ballgame.

Q: You got some big plays against UNC, do you think this offense is developing a big play component or is that not particularly what you’re going for?

A: I think any time you get the ball down the field, that’s what you’re striving for. We’re going to work like heck to become more efficient running the football. When you can throw the football and run the football, then you’ve got something going, but right now we’re doing one very well and one not very well. We just have to keep working like heck to be better in that area.

Q: When Logan came to play here, did you think he was going to be the all-time passing yards leader here, especially when you consider the names of guys who have played quarterback here?

A: What I’m most proud of is, not only the quality of players that we’ve had come through here, but the quality of person. Logan has the ability and the records, but I don’t know if, when they’re starting out, I ever think in terms of ‘this guy could have the most all-time’, but he’s just been such a great player for Virginia Tech. Not only what he does on the field, but who he is, what he is and how he represents Virginia Tech. I really appreciate what he means to this program and what he’s done for this school.

Q: When Willie Byrn walked onto this team, did you ever think he would eventually have the role he has now?

A: No, but that’s such a tremendous story. Not a very imposing guy, but productive and dependable and he’s made a lot of people miss. He can catch that underneath pattern and he has a little quickness to him and that means another 10, 15, 20 yards. It’s a real credit to him that he’s developed into the player and threat he is now. That guy that walked on is, right now, a guy that we can’t do without. We just have to keep him healthy.




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