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Press Conference: Virginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer


frank beamerVirginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer talks with reporters on Tuesday. The Hokies will face eighth-ranked Ohio State on Saturday.


Beamer Opening Statement: ohio state is certainly one of the best teams in the country. They’re ranked in the top five in some polls. Last time they lost at home was 2011.They have a 15 game home win streak. They have the longest regular season win streak in the country at 25 games. They’ll have the largest crowd we’ve ever played before so it’s quite a challenge. They’re very talented. They’re quarterback is kind of the same guy. He’s a very productive, athletic, physical guy. Their skill people are exceptional. Their defense up front is exceptional. They certainly have the talent of a national championship team. They have a kicker from Australia that just booms the ball. It’s a challenge for our football team. For a young team going to a stadium with the largest crowd we’ve ever played for, we’ll say how they respond. Last week was a good opening game for us and we’ll see how we do this week.

Beamer on Urban Meyer: Meyer’s reputation follows him. He’s very knowledgeable coach and very good overall. They do a great job in their kicking game and I know he’s involved in that. They are a top program with great players who are well coached. You say that most times, but they really are well-coached football team.

Beamer on Shai and Marshawn: I think if you go back to their performance they were the best. Certainly we have JC Coleman who is a dependable guy, but we also have some good production out of those first two. So that’s where we are right now but they’ll keep competing everyday in practice. That’s what we’ll tell the kickers and the tailbacks as long as there is competition they’ll be getting better.

Beamer on Carlis Parker: He’s got some personal issues at home and we’re trying to help him in any way we can so we’ll see where this thing goes. We are here for him and he knows that. He’s just got to get through some things. We’ll see if he practices this week. It’s a situation he has to work through and we’ll try to help him work through.

Beamer on implications of game: Anytime you are playing one of the best programs in the country and a team that people mention for a national championship and you can go in and get a win it’s great for the program. I love going into a full stadium. Their fans are excited and we’re gonna take quite a few people ourselves. But I love to play in that type of environment rather than a stadium that’s half empty and no one cares what’s going on. I like that atmosphere and I think our players do to. It’s exciting to play on primetime TV.

Beamer on offensive line vs ohio state d line: It’s a big challenge for us. They’ve got some of the top lines in the country. They’re stout and athletic. They’re tough. We’ve got to step our game up a notch.

Beamer on Braxton Miller and JT Barrett: I don’t think there’s much of a difference except for maybe experience. He had a great game against Navy both throwing and running the football so to me you have the same guy just without the experience. Otherwise it’s exactly the same.

Beamer on Loeffler’s knowledge of Meyer: I think all Scott’s going to do is scare us about what we’re getting ready to get into. He has a lot of respect for Urban and there’s some knowledge there.

Beamer on goal line struggles: We didn’t get up and block but there were a lot of guys there to block. We’ve got to do a better job of blocking. It’s a combination of game planning and William & Mary doing a good job.

Beamer on what you can learn from Navy: Not much. Whenever you’re trying to break down film you want to watch a team that’s more like you. I think Navy is about as far apart from us as you can get. Other than a lot of option for them and some from us.

Beamer on having time before a big game: I think there are plusses both ways. Whatever way we schedule them is how we play them. We saw some good things with a young football team. Now how that young football team plays in this situation, away from home and in front of the largest crowd we’ve faced, and a team that’s one of the top teams in our division. Every week you get a chance to learn something.

Beamer on Shai and Marshawn: They both run hard and they’re very smart guys. Football makes sense to them. They’re tough guys. There’s a lot to like about those two.




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