Home PAC ads, website seek to educate Virginians on GOP efforts to block vote

PAC ads, website seek to educate Virginians on GOP efforts to block vote


The American Bridge 21st Century PAC is highlighting a law passed by the Republican General Assembly aimed at limiting voter turnout among minorities and lower-income residents.

The campaign includes a Let Virginia Vote landing page and get out the vote video to bring attention to Republican efforts in Virginia and other states to legislate gop victories at the polls in the face of the changing political climate.

“Like many Republicans across the country, Ken Cuccinelli and Republicans in Virginia are trying to change the law to make it harder for minorities to vote. These desperate and cynical plans to gain the upper hand on election day are nothing more than an attack on democracy and our values as a nation,” said American Bridge president Rodell Mollineau.

Earlier this year, Republicans in Virginia passed a restrictive new law to change voting requirements in the Commonwealth. The law, which hasn’t yet gone into effect, limits the list of permissible forms of identification and severely restricts voters’ ability to cast a provisional ballot in the event they can only provide non-photo identification as proof of identity.

The aim of the campaign is to elect Democrats who will overturn the law and keep the vote open to more Virginians.

Virginia deserves leaders who seek to inspire more people to make their voices heard, not craven politicians who gleefully suppress the rights of others for political gain. That’s why it’s crucial for Virginians who supports the right to vote for all Americans to find their polling place and vote for Terry McAuliffe and the Democrats,” Mollineau said.



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