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News and Notes: Colt Cobana, Marty Jannetty, Scotty Riggs


newspaper-headerHas Colt Cobana heard from CM Punk? He says he hasn’t. A fan who met Cobana on a recent wrestling tour of India said Cobana talked about Punk being frustrated as the source of his departure from WWE.

Cobana has said repeatedly since that he hasn’t heard from his good friend, and reiterated a line in an interview over the weekend that he has used regarding Punk: “My stance is I think he’s dead. I haven’t heard from him.”

Marty Jannetty: Rant much? Marty Jannetty posted a lengthy Facebook rant aimed at Elijah “The Pope” Burke, who has been critical of Jannetty for what he termed a “stiff” chair shot that the former Midnight Rocker delivered to Axl Rotten in an indy match last year.

In the rant, Jannetty challenges Burke to a fight, offers to fly Burke to wherever they end up meeting, and also demonstrates difficulty communicating in the English language.

Scotty Riggs shares insight on Bischoff, Russo, McMahon: Scotty Riggs from The American Males dished on his time in the wrestling business in a recent interview.

Regarding Eric Bischoff, Riggs said the former WCW head honcho was “a great business man when it came from going from Saturday night shows to getting us on TV. He was never groomed as a booker. He was never groomed to understand the inner workings of an angle or storyline. The booking committee was getting things done for him.”

Vince Russo, to Riggs, was more concerned about crash TV than developing storylines. “He didn’t care about wrestling,” Riggs said of Russo.

Vince McMahon: “Vince has a long term agenda. In terms of Wrestlemania, everything (all year) builds toward that one big event,” Riggs said.



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