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Military vet blasts Bob Goodlatte on military retirement cuts


Dear Rep. Goodlatte:

goodlattefourinI have learned that you voted “yea” for the resolution, HJ 59, “Making continuing appropriations for fiscal year 2014, and for other purposes” which includes cutting my military retirement.

You, along with your Republican sellout, Paul Ryan, have caved in to our enemies of the United States, the Democrat liberals, who are calculating to dismantle our armed forces.

You do know what this means. I will never again support or vote for you. I will no longer be voting Republican or Democrat.

Further, I am pressing this link enclosed, on to every single Virginia retired veteran that I know, and will urge them to no longer support you. Pass this letter on to your other traitors who stand with you – names like Paul Ryan, John McCain, who also support to cut back on our retirement pay that was promised to us. Trust me, I am GOOD about getting the word out. By the time I’m done, you will potentially lose votes to nearly 660 Veterans in your constituency, and that doesn’t include those in our voting district who also support retired Veterans.

I will not stop getting the word out.

Every time I have tried to communicate with you, all I get is a canned, impersonal response that was drafted up by some minion on your staff. This time, no replies are needed. I’m done supporting you, and can only hope that you are eventually replaced by another representative who cares for retired veterans.

We’re the ones who answered the call of duty, to stand our watches 24/7, and you’ve effectively turned your backs on all of us. In effect, you have lied to all veterans. Your promise no longer stands. I see you, and your Republican and Democrat cronies, as traitors of the state.

Pressing on with my campaign to make sure that you lose your seat in Congress.

John Rudolph



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