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E.W. Jackson on Obama’s non-discrimination order: Abuse of authority


ew jacksonE.W. Jackson, minister and former Republican nominee for lieutenant governor of Virginia, says President Obama is undermining the First Amendment Rights of Americans to advance the lgbt agenda. On Monday, July 21st, President Obama issued an executive order barring federal contractors from practicing what he describes as “discrimination” on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

“The real discrimination,” says Jackson, “is against Christians and other believers who are under assault for trying to be true to their faith. Our rights under the First Amendment were not given to us by the President or any branch of government, and government has no legitimate power to take away those rights. This is a gross abuse of executive authority under the Constitution.”

Mr. Jackson argues that lgbt activists are using the power of government to intimidate Americans into embracing same sex marriage: “This administration has come to the radical decision, completely outside the mainstream of American culture and thinking, that religious convictions about sexual morality are not welcome in America, and that the thinking of the 1.6% that identify as “sexual minorities” should dominate the other 98%. Apparently, the government grants you permission to believe whatever you want to at home or in Church, but will punish you if you dare apply those beliefs to how you do business. And if you are foolish enough to stand up for your God-given rights, be prepared to lose your business, your job or to be investigated by the IRS or some other agency of government.”

The President’s executive order could affect Christian daycare programs, schools, nonprofit community development organizations and a host of services provided by Christian organizations through contracts with the federal government. “The President’s executive order has far reaching implications,” Jackson said, “not only for businesses but all kinds of nonprofit faith based organizations.”

Jackson is preparing to launch a Petition For First Amendment Freedom and organizing Pastors, Churches and Christians nationwide to stand against the rising tide of hostility against Christianity.



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