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Sierra Club endorses Justin Fairfax for lieutenant governor

The Virginia chapter of the Sierra Club endorsed Democrat Justin Fairfax for lieutenant governor.

justin fairfax

Virginia Professional Fire Fighters endorse Justin Fairfax for lieutenant governor

Virginia Professional Fire Fighters has endorsed Democratic nominee Justin Fairfax for lieutenant governor.

justin fairfax

Virginia Education Association endorses Justin Fairfax for lieutenant governor

Today, the Virginia Education Association endorsed Justin Fairfax as the next lieutenant governor of Virginia.

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Dem LG candidate Susan Platt: Impeach Donald Trump

Democratic Party lieutenant governor nomination candidate Susan Platt is calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

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LG candidate Susan Platt calls for Confederate scrubbing

Susan Platt is calling for the state to devise a plan to take down Confederate monuments and rename Confederate highways and public buildings.

L.F. Payne endorses Justin Fairfax for lieutenant governor

Former Virginia congressman L.F. Payne has endorsed Justin Fairfax for the Democratic Party lieutenant governor nomination.

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Platt urges Democrats to get behind McEachin K-12 education bill

Democrat Susan Platt called on fellow Democrats to get behind K-12 facility legislation introduced by Congressman Don McEachin.

susan platt

Susan Platt’s secret weapon: Rosie O’Donnell?

Actress and activist Rosie O’Donnell wrote a letter to Virginians urging them to support Democrat Susan Platt for lieutenant governor.

justin fairfax

Congressman Gerry Connolly endorses Justin Fairfax for lieutenant governor

Justin Fairfax today received the endorsement of Congressman Gerry Connolly in his bid for the Democratic Party lieutenant governor nomination.

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Platt urges Virginians to tell Congress to oppose Trumpcare

Virginia lieutenant governor candidate Susan Platt urged Virginians to call their members of Congress and urge them to oppose Trumpcare.

susan platt

Susan Platt announces campaign for lieutenant governor

Susan Platt announced her candidacy for the Democratic Party nomination for lieutenant governor of Virginia.

Lieutenant Governor Northam casts tiebreaking vote to end employment discrimination in state government

Today Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam cast his first tie-breaking vote of the 2015 General Assembly in support of SB 785.

Dan Moxley endorsed by 2013 Republican lieutenant governor nominee E.W. Jackson

Dan Moxley was endorsed Monday in his bid for the 24th Senate District Republican nomination by E.W. Jackson. Jackson was the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor of Virginia in 2013 and enjoyed a hotbed of support in the Shenandoah Valley.

E.W. Jackson launches national movement to protect rights of Christians

2013 Republican lieutenant governor nominee E.W. Jackson has launched a national movement to protect Christians from “growing hostility, discrimination and anti-Christian bigotry.”

E.W. Jackson comments on Supreme Court gay marriage ruling

Bishop E.W. Jackson is warning pastors and churches not to be complacent about the U.S. Supreme Court’s refusal to take up the same sex marriage issue.

Ken Plum: A Virginia Statesman

I first heard of Vincent F. (Vince) Callahan, Jr. in 1965 when he ran unsuccessfully for lieutenant governor of Virginia. It was his first run for political office, and while it may seem that he aimed high to start in those days it was easy to get the Republican nomination since the Republicans always lost.

Lieutenant Governor Northam keynotes VMI Convocation

Today Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam provided the keynote address at the Virginia Military Institute’s (VMI) Convocation ceremony, the annual assembly of students and faculty to recognize the beginning of a new academic year.

Former GOP LG candidate E.W. Jackson reports on visit to Ferguson

Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr., pastor of a local church in Chesapeake and bishop of Exodus Faith Ministries, visited Ferguson, Missouri, on a fact-finding mission for STAND, a nonprofit organization bringing people together across racial and cultural lines.

E.W. Jackson on Obama’s non-discrimination order: Abuse of authority

E.W. Jackson, minister and former Republican nominee for lieutenant governor of Virginia, says President Obama is undermining the First Amendment Rights of Americans to advance the LGBT agenda.

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Chris Graham: What if McAuliffe were to veto the budget?

With Phil Puckett’s resignation throwing control of the State Senate back to Republicans, it’s looking like the budget stalemate that has tied up local and state government since the winter will lift as soon as Thursday.

Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam concludes Southside, Southwest VA swing

This afternoon Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam finished a two-day barnstorm trip through Southwest and Southside Virginia, his first as the Commonwealth’s lieutenant governor.

Creigh Deeds: Change in Richmond

Nearly halfway into the 2014 session two new senators were seated. Since both senators, Jennifer Wexton from Loudoun County and Lynwood Lewis from Accomack County, are Democrats, the balance of power shifted in the Senate of Virginia.

Will E.W. Jackson run for Senate?

Failed Republican lieutenant governor nominee E.W. Jackson has been giving consideration to a run for the U.S. Senate seat held by popular Democrat Mark Warner.

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Mark Obenshain: Inauguration reflections

Well, here we are. It is inauguration weekend in Richmond, and we are going to witness the swearing in of three Democrats—for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General.

Lt. Gov-elect Ralph Northam announces transition team, administration posts

Lt. Gov.-elect Ralph Northam announced on Monday two senior staff hires for his administration and the Co-Chairs of his transition team. Clark Mercer has been named as chief of staff and Michael Matthews as director of constituent services and scheduling.

Sabato: Cuccinelli considered dramatic move involving McDonnell to shake up race

Wow, what could have been. Had Gov. Bob McDonnell been indicted by federal prosecutors for his role in the Star Scientific scandal, Ken Cuccinelli was planning a dramatic public break with McDonnell involving a little-known section of the Virginia Constitution.

Back-handed compliment: Howell sends warning to McAuliffe

The ink is not yet dry on Terry McAuliffe’s win in Tuesday’s governor’s race, and he’s already in for a fight with Republicans in the House of Delegates, judging from the congratulatory message offered by House Speaker Bill Howell.


Local tally: GOP wins big in Augusta, Rockingham, holds serve in Staunton, Waynesboro, Harrisonburg

Augusta and Rockingham are always among the most Republican parts of the state in statewide elections. That held true again in the 2013 state races. Republicans Ken Cuccinelli, E.W. Jackson and Mark Obenshain ran strong in the counties Tuesday.

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Live Blog: 2013 Virginia election results

Augusta Free Press will be live tonight with the latest results from the 2013 Virginia state elections. AFP editor Chris Graham will update the numbers and offer commentary and analysis as the numbers come in for the governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general races.

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Chris Graham: Handicapping the Virginia governor race, other state races

It’s hard, really hard, to imagine Democrat Terry McAuliffe not winning the 2013 Virginia governor’s race, and by a relatively safe margin. McAuliffe, the former Democratic National Committee chair, has a lead of at least six points in every legitimate poll taken of the race in the past week, with two polls putting his lead in the low- to mid-double digits.

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Final PPP poll: McAuliffe, Northam, Herring with leads in state races

Terry McAuliffe is seen as the lesser of two evils, mediocre choices, whatever, and thus seems poised to win the 2013 Virginia governor race.

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Roanoke College poll: Democrats open up big leads in state races

The Democratic Party ticket appears poised for a sweep of the state races next Tuesday, according to a new poll from Roanoke College released Wednesday.

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Washington Post poll: Ralph Northam, Mark Herring open up leads downticket

Democrat Ralph Northam has opened up a large lead in the Virginia lieutenant governor race, and ticketmate Mark Herring has pushed ahead in the attorney general race.

Karen Kwiatkowski: A look at the Virginia GOP ticket

When I ran in the Republican primary of 2012, seeking to unseat long-term Sixth District Congressman Bob Goodlatte, I met a lot of people who liked my message of small government and liberty.

virginia general assembly

Poll: McAuliffe maintains big lead in Virginia governor’s race

A new Christopher Newport University poll released today has Democrat Terry McAuliffe with a seven-point lead over Republican Ken Cuccinelli in the Virginia governor’s race.

Two new polls have McAuliffe with bigger lead in governor’s race

A Roanoke College poll out today has Democrat Terry McAuliffe leading Republican Ken Cuccinelli by six points, and a new Christopher Newport University poll has McAuliffe up by nine points.

Jackson releases education plan, touts school choice

E.W. Jackson, Republican nominee for lieutenant governor, talked up on Tuesday his education plan, which would create greater educational opportunities for the Commonwealth’s children by providing greater choices to parents.

NRA endorses E.W. Jackson for lieutenant governor

E.W. Jackson, Republican nominee for lieutenant governor in Virginia has received the endorsement of the National Rifle Association (NRA) after receiving a rating of AQ for his “pro gun response on our candidate questionnaire.”

E.W. Jackson pledges to defy, not comply to defend coal jobs

E.W. Jackson, Republican nominee for lieutenant governor in Virginia, spoke to mine workers at the Clintwood Elkhorn Mining Company in Hurley about their job future.

E.W. Jackson pledges to reduce government burdens on small business

E.W. Jackson, Republican nominee for lieutenant governor in Virginia, spoke this week regarding his plans to help small business.

E.W. Jackson receives police, gun owners endorsements

E.W. Jackson, Republican nominee for lieutenant governor in Virginia, has received the endorsements of Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund and the Southern States Police Benevolent Association.

Northam: Jackson behind the times on pay equity

Democratic Party lieutenant governor nominee Ralph Northam today criticized Republican opponent E.W. Jackson for opposing pay equity.

E.W. Jackson fails to disclose lobbyist-funded plane trip

Yesterday the news broke that E.W. Jackson failed to disclose a $9,000 lobbyist-funded plane ride he took with his ticket-mates in May [AP, 8/8/13]. While both Ken Cuccinelli and Mark Obeinshain reported the plane ride, Jackson did not.

LG nominee says Democratic Party is ‘anti-God’

Republican lieutenant governor nominee E.W. Jackson said last week in a radio interview that the Democratic Party is “anti-God,” and that Christians should leave it.

Northern Virginia leaders highlight Northam’s support for mass transit

State Sen. Ralph Northam’s lieutenant-governor campaign is highlighting his support for mass transit and his commitment to improving Virginia’s transportation network. This year, Northam voted for the bipartisan transportation package, which invests in intercity passenger rail and supports the Rail to Dulles Silver Line Project. Northam understands the need to upgrade the Commonwealth’s transportation system and will make transportation a top priority as Lieutenant Governor.