ACC Coaches Teleconference: Virginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer

ACC Coaches Teleconference: Virginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer


virginia tech frank beamerVirginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer talks with reporters on Wednesday’s ACC Coaches Teleconference.
COACH BEAMER: Well, it’s a tough challenge anytime you’re playing away. Playing a team like Georgia Tech, the offense you see one time a year, that’s another thing. I look forward to seeing Coach Ross and Ralph Friedgen. I understand they’re bringing the 1990 team. I’m looking forward to seeing them. I’m not sure I look forward to seeing the enthusiasm that’s going to come with the recognition of that team. But we practiced well. Hoping we’re getting better all the time. We got some young guys, receiver, runningbacks, that are I think getting better. We look forward to the game. Should be a good game.

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Coach Beamer.

Q. After what can only be described as a pretty unusual week, week and a half, how have you sensed that your players and your staff have processed all that’s happened and maybe compartmentalized it and started to concentrate on the business of football and trying to end this season the best way possible?
COACH BEAMER: Yeah, I think extremely well. I asked our players and coaches to do what they do best, and that’s get down and put their eyes straight ahead and let’s prepare. The only thing we can control right now is how we play against Georgia Tech. It’s got to be well if you want a chance to win, so hopefully that’s the case.

Q. You mentioned that 1990 group that Georgia Tech is going to recognize tomorrow night. You played that team. It was a 6-3 final. Do you have any recollections from that day down in Atlanta?
COACH BEAMER: I had more, before the game, not eager to play against Coach Ross and Ralph. Good friends. I think O’Leary was on that staff, too. We got to know each other, played a little golf together. I think it was more about relationships. It probably came down to Sisson, I believe his name was, kicking a field goal there at the end. It was a tough battle, but one I think going into the game, it was more about who you were playing than most games.

Q. What has this whole last week been like for you, getting so many well wishes while trying to keep the team focused on football?
COACH BEAMER: Yeah, Pete is our sports information director, sitting across the desk. I can hardly see him, cards all stacked up. I’m so appreciative. So many people have sent good wishes. I’m overwhelmed by it all, to be quite honest with you. The one thing, I’ll answer some cards when I get a chance, but we’re really concentrating on trying to win a football game. That’s what our whole staff, players are trying to do. Full speed ahead in that regard.

Q. To look at quarterback Michael Brewer, what can you say about his leadership? What can you say about this being your final season and him being the guy currently leading your team?
COACH BEAMER: I was looking at it for the last couple days. You know it, but you get out there and look at him, how accurate he is. You’d like to have him a little bit taller. He’s everything you want in a quarterback, other than having a couple more inches that would be helpful. But he does well with what he has. There’s been some short guys, shorter guys, I shouldn’t say short guys, but shorter guys that have done well. He’s accurate. He’s really smart. He’s competitive. You don’t rattle the guy. He’s everything you want. We’ve been really fortunate to have him here with us. Look forward to finishing these games with him really.

Q. Looking at these last few games, you’re two wins away from bowl-eligibility with three games to go. This being your final season, has that been on your mind?
COACH BEAMER: No, Georgia Tech has been on my mind, trying to do the best we can in that particular ballgame. Let’s put all our effort into that. Hopefully taking care of things that’s in front of us, not worrying about things down the road. That’s the way we’ve done it around here for a long time. That’s how we’ve done it this week.

Q. Talk about taking on Georgia Tech’s option. Some teams are not used to playing the option. What do you do to get your team ready for that?
COACH BEAMER: Yeah, not only the fact that they run the option like they do, you see it one time a year, that particular type of option. But the knowledge that’s on the other side, Paul has done this for a long time, he almost knows what you’re going to do before you do it. He knows what he’s going to do after you do what you’re getting ready to do. A lot of ‘do’s’ in there. I think the knowledge they bring with it is what really makes it so hard to go against. They got good players. They know what you’re doing. Yeah, I do think having played against it for a few years, that helps in the long haul. But still it takes a while to get going against it when you first line up for a ballgame.

Q. I know you are very good on Thursday night football, same at Miami. Do you remember one of the games you like on Thursday night in your memory that will stick with you for the rest of your life, that was the best Thursday night game you’ve ever coached or been part of?
COACH BEAMER: I’ll have maybe time to think about that in a few weeks here. Right now all I’ve been really thinking about is Georgia Tech. We like Thursday night games. If you can play well, it’s good for all parts. One or two games on that night, so there’s not a lot of choices. If you’re interested in watching football, you’re probably going to watch Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech. I think it’s been good for us. Again, I know Pete was just talking to me about how many Hokies we’re going to have down at Georgia Tech. The fans have been so much part of our Thursday
night I think success, they get up for it. They’ve been with us the whole time. It’s been a team effort around here.

Q. On a different topic. This weekend is the anniversary of the Marshall crash. When you and Frank Loria worked together there on the Tech team, did you ever talk about both wanting to become coaches?
COACH BEAMER: No, not really. When he decided to go that direction, he was going to be a great coach. He understood football. He’s smart. Back in the secondary with him, you realized how football smart he was. He understood the game. He was on his way to being one of the great coaches ever, in my opinion.



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