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How to stay in shape when you work in an office

Working in an office has its perks. You don’t have to move around much, and you’re sitting down all day. But these are also ways to gain weight and live an unhealthy lifestyle.

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It’s not easy to be healthy when you’re stuck in an office for most of the day. But there are ways to minimize the unhealthy aspects. Read below for some tips on staying on top of your health.

Cut the Caffeine and Other Junk

You’re probably scoffing at this one. There’s no way you can give up coffee. It’s what gets you through the day! But coffee has a lot of sugar and other additives in it, that frankly aren’t good for your health.

Replace your morning coffee with a smoothie or a bowl of porridge. It’ll give you the energy to tackle that huge stack of papers on your desk. Instead of buying food on your break, make yourself a healthy lunch from home. You’ll save money and calories.

And remember, you don’t have to have a slice of Janet’s birthday cake. Cakes, donuts, and other sweet treats will make you feel even more sluggish.

Get Physical When You Can

A long day at the office can leave you feeling sluggish. That’s why it’s vital that you exercise whenever you can. Move around the office when you feel yourself getting too comfortable in your chair. Get up every hour and take a stroll to the photocopier, or to ask a colleague a question.

Not only does exercise keep your energy levels up, but it also improves your mood. Try doing a quick workout in the morning before you leave for work.

You could even get professional help. According to this Toronto personal trainer, you could lose up to eight hundred calories in a beginners’ boot camp session!

Say No to After-Work Drinks

Part of the office culture is heading to the bar after hours. It’s a great way to unwind. But it’s merely adding pounds to your waistline. Learn to say no to the after-work drinks occasionally. It’s difficult turning down calorific drinks when your colleagues surround you at the bar.

Alcohol is heavy in calories and will leave you feeling bloated. Try to avoid it during the week, even if the office life is stressful!

Keep (Healthy) Snacks Close

There’s always a desperate rush to the vending machine at lunchtime. Don’t be part of the hungry queue. Keep some snacks in a desk drawer. Nuts, protein bars, and dried fruit are all excellent energy boosters. And they’re good for you!

Resist the temptation to grab a candy bar when you’re feeling peckish. Sugar will give you a high and then a crash. You need consistent energy levels to get you through to 5 pm.

There it Is!

Working in an office doesn’t mean you have to be unhealthy! There are lots of ways to keep fit and maintain your weight. Use these tips when you head back to work and notice a difference.

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