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How do dumpster rental companies help the environment?

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Dumpster rental might not seem like a very eco-friendly service, but it can actually be one of the better options for protecting the environment while you dispose of waste and trash. But how, and what makes them more eco-friendly than other options?

They use less fuel

A single trip with a large dumpster can use more fuel than a single trip with a car, but the added storage space means that you might only need one trip at all. Compared to going back and forth six times in a normal car, a rented dumpster can dramatically reduce the amount of fuel used.

Remember that a dumpster can hold a surprisingly high amount of waste, especially the larger sizes. With a bigger dumpster size option, a full construction project could still only take one or two trips, instead of dozens by car.

They act as safe storage

If you’re dealing with any chemicals that could damage the nearby environment, whether that’s plant-killing toxins or construction debris that might stifle grass growth, a dumpster can help. Once you rent a dumpster, you can use it as a place to store waste before removing it.

This might not seem like much, but it helps a lot. You don’t have to store waste materials by the side of the road or in your front garden/yard, and that also prevents leaking chemicals or other dangerous elements from harming the area outside the work site.

Green dumpsters help with recycling

Green dumpster rentals are any dumpster rental where the waste is sorted afterward, meaning that recyclable materials can be picked up and disposed of separately. This makes it a lot easier to avoid throwing everything away when only some of the waste is recyclable, meaning that more of it gets re-used.

Green dumpsters can cost slightly more to the average person, but it’s still a cost worth paying if you’re concerned about the environment. It also means that you can avoid the hassle of having to get two dumpsters just to separate recyclable materials from regular waste.

They can be close by

A nearby dumpster rental service cuts down on fuel used during delivery and pick-up, especially if you’re near to waste disposal facility or recycling center anyway. If this distance is low enough, then dropping off the dumpster won’t take the company very long, and it cuts down their fuel usage.

This has the added effect of making them a local business, which can help you support your local area. This isn’t necessarily an environmental factor, but it can still make a difference to the area you live over time.

Are dumpster rentals eco-friendly?

Renting a dumpster can be a surprisingly effective option for somebody who cares about the environment. Companies like EWM Dumpster Rental can provide great services in local areas, but no matter where you live, a decent dumpster can make a larger project much easier and a lot more eco-friendly. Just remember to get the right size for the waste you’re dealing with.

Story by Margarett Gore

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