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Understanding the simple strategies to earning bitcoin in 2019

According to Google Trends, the search for knowledge about bitcoin rose sharply, in 2017 and 2018. Needless to ask, this sky-reaching statistics hinges on news from people about how bitcoin has been wonderful and has paid those who are involved. Hence, many people seek knowledge to join the train and to be major influencers of bitcoin. While bitcoin is popular and true, to make the best out of it, you have to be strategic so that you can earn huge from the system in 2019. Here are simple strategies for earning bitcoin in 2019.

Earn bitcoin from faucets

Don’t know what a bitcoin faucet is? It refers to websites or apps that encourage you to do some tasks, play games or visit an ad so you can earn bitcoin for yourself.

Bitcoin faucets offer you a token of bitcoin when you perform the task presented by the faucet, you earn satoshis. With consistent completion of tasks from bitcoin faucets by simple clicks, you are able to earn free bitcoin to your wallet.

Work for bitcoin

If you are good with any skill, especially, ones that are relevant online, you can offer your services and get paid with bitcoins. Yes. Engineers, content writers, web developers and designers, graphics designers, etc, all offer services with which they are paid in bitcoin. You can join the league of such people, too. There are websites that allow freelancers to work on their platform and get paid with cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin trading

Trading cryptocurrencies is another sure way to earn bitcoin. You can invest in or purchase other forms of cryptocurrencies when their prices are low. When the price rises to a reasonable height, you can give out a value of your specific cryptocurrency in exchange for an equivalent value of bitcoin. When considering an ROI, this is quite an interesting choice.

Bitcoin lending

There are bitcoin lending platforms that allow you the opportunity of lending out an amount of your bitcoin to work and you get back an interest between the duration of an agreed period. The interest rate differs from one platform to another, however, you can choose which one you think is best for you.

While choosing this option, do your investigation properly to ascertain that the platform you would be lending to is trustworthy, also, understand their policies and abide by them so you can get your money and promised profit.

Participate in bitcoin affiliate programs

The new market revolution has witnessed the possibility of earning bitcoin through affiliate marketing for brands, companies, etc.  The bitcoin affiliate programs that allow you to promote products, services, and offers so that you can be rewarded in bitcoin. Through reference and other activities requested by the company lending out its incentives, you can get paid up to 50%. Many times, the affiliate programs request that you generate a unique URL for your account, which is used to monitor your activities and calculate your reward.

There you are. Those are the simplest and legit ways of making your bitcoin wallet swell. This article does not talk about bitcoin mining because there are conditions and technicalities to it, and it is silent about gambling because it is not entirely legit.

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