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Tips for your hardware product realization

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A good idea about a product is important, but to make this idea valuable you have to realize it. The process of product development and leading it to market is complex. For this reason, this article suggests some tips that will help you in realization of your idea into the product.

Product requirements document

The first step of any product development is writing a product requirements document (PRD). In this document, you specify the purpose of your product, functional requirements, and any other details that may help designers to understand your idea. Also, PRD allows you to evaluate (at least approximately) the resources that will be necessary for your product realization.

Business model canvas

The next step of the realization process is building a business model canvas. Unlike the business plan, business model canvas is time-efficient and at the same time covers the key questions about the feasibility of your business in a range of aspects.

Product design company

Realization of your product largely depends on a design company you will choose. If you are looking for one, Axonim will gladly help you with your product realization. Working with this electronic design studio is 100 percent quality and competence.

Budget for a prototype

Prototyping also requires certain costs that in average reach from $50,000 to $100,000. In addition, this is a time-consuming process. Nevertheless, if you need to ensure that your prototype is feasible for manufacturing, do not spare money for prototyping.

Brand and website

After you have chosen a design company and allocated budget for your product prototyping, the product is in its design stage. This stage may continue for a couple months or more (depending on the complexity of your product), so spend this time wisely. One of the first things you can do during your product design and manufacturing is creation of the website and brand for your product. You can create the website yourself (for example, using ready-made templates with built-in e-commerce features) or hire a designer to do it. Again, do not spare money on this step because the aesthetics of your brand and website is the customer-facing part of your idea and your future sales depend on this.


In addition to the creation of your brand, make sure that your potential customers recognize it. In order to do so, determine your target audience and address it via relevant channels. You can start from building a pilot advertising campaign and on the basis of its results develop a real one. Advertising is highly important, so be ready to spend nearly 30% of your gross margin on advertising. If you will do it right, your sales will be successful. For example, one of the methods to advertise your product is a loud start of your product sales. It may be an event or a party devoted to the launch of your product. Remember that the beginning of your campaign is crucial.


When the product is already mass produced, you should not fulfill the orders by yourself. Instead of spending time stuffing and shipping boxes, use it for your marketing strategy and sales increase. In order to do so, hire a company that will do all the fulfilment work for you. It will make your work easier ;)

So, use recommendations for your successful product realization. In sum, focus on planning timescale and budget, do not spare money for key aspects of your product and allocate sufficient budget for your marketing campaign. And most importantly, choose a good electronic design studio.

Story by Alex Turner

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