Theoretical education v/s practical education: An insight through the Indian lens


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Education is the way to a good and happy life which is full of quality in it. Education plays the role of the knowledge developer and the skill provider and improviser in all the possible ways. It teaches one the value of time and helps us learn about life on the whole. Getting educated is not only about how to write a research analysis paper and things like that but, also the basis of how one performs in the examination called life.

Education has been divided into two main types namely, theoretical education and practical education. Both these types of training have their roles to play. But the important thing is to decide upon which kind of education should be given a priority and relied upon. On one side is the theory of various subjects and on another hand, we have the practical knowledge of the same issues.

Which type of knowledge should be chosen over the other?  Are you confused?

This article will act as an answer to this question which is perhaps revolving in your mind like the earth does on its axis.

Theoretical Education

Theoretical Education is the knowledge about the facts of any subject or issues. It may act as the basis of practical education for the application-based themes, topics and issues. Theoretical knowledge is what one gains while reading textbooks and memorising things. This type of learning helps one know the concept behind any particular topic while elaborating the reason for following that very concept. Theory about any specific subject enables you to understand the logic behind performing or not performing the practical of that subject. It helps one to understand the subject entirely before indulging with the practical side of that subject. Theoretical knowledge is more about the “why” of an issue than the “how” of it.

Advantages of Theoretical Education

Because it deals with the reason behind learning or dealing with any subject, theoretical education helps you understand the topic and retain it within your senses like nothing else. It enables you to come to terms with the basis of your choice of that subject which you are learning about.

It helps you take control of your education as with theoretical education one can learn as much as he or she desires to without any bondages. It also helps one get the exams as according to the education system, most of the exam evaluations are theory based. In India, it is usually a 70% theory and the 30% practical in the yearly, quarterly and even in the semester examination system.

Practical Education

Practical education is the application of what one learns in the theoretical part of any subject. It addresses the “how” and not the “why” questions of any matter. It is that type or piece of the education realm which helps you get a deeper understanding of what you read in the textbooks or anywhere else. It enables you to gather knowledge not by learning or book eating but with the experience which you gain as you perform the practical of what you are dealing with. It adds skill and efficiency to your knowledge alongside the confidence which comes with the fact that you have experienced what you have read about in your books.

Advantages of Practical Education

Practical education is an excellent way of making connections and contacts in the field which you specialise in. Practical education helps you learn even those things which you find difficult or annoying when you study theoretically about them. This is the reason why practical education can also be called as possible education. The essence of practical knowledge has a lot to do with the way real life functions. It helps you as it prepares you for the various challenges that life might have in store for you. It also adds the flavours of practicality in one’s life and pours a trait named decisiveness upon them.

The Indian Education Scenario

India is a country which has more been into the theoretical type of education. We, here, are not denying the value of theoretical knowledge but, are trying to emphasise on combining it with the practical experience. This will not only add to the understanding of the students but, will also inculcate a sense of life means, in them. This will add strength to the foundation of the Indian education system. Practical education will also add productivity to Indian professionals.

We can say that if education is a product, then combining the theoretical type of education with the practical type of education will act like someone is building a brand for that product to sell in a better manner.

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