Simple yet effective ways for keeping your bitcoin wallet safe

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If you want to store bitcoins or make a transaction of bitcoin, then you will require a bitcoin wallet for it. But the thing is that you are also needed to keep the bitcoin wallet safe. It doesn’t matter which kind of bitcoin wallet you are using; your bitcoins are always so appealing to the eyes of the thieves and hackers and that especially when you are holding a huge number of bitcoins.

As you know that the bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that has no control of the government, so it is stored in the digital wallet to keep them safe. A bitcoin wallet will definitely protect your bitcoin holding, but the bitcoin holders also need to take some responsibility for securing their bitcoin wallets.

Select a hardware wallet

There are various kinds of bitcoin wallets available in the market. Have you ever got confused about which you should pick? The people who are always worried about the threats and hacks related to cyber should always keep their bitcoin in cold wallets. one of the safest solutions for storing your bitcoin is choosing a hardware wallet.

These are the USB kind of device which are equipped with all the well-known and high-end security features. The thing is that these wallets are not connected to the internet, so cybercriminals cannot access these wallets in order to steal your private keys. If you want to know more about it, then you should access the bitiq crypto platform.

Don’t keep your private key online

Another most efficient way to keep your bitcoin wallet safe is by keeping your private keys offline. You can write down your private key on the paper and then store that paper safely in your locker. This is a better option than keeping your private key on an electronic device. You should make sure that you are keeping this piece of paper in a dry place so that it is not ruined.

Use a safe and secure internet

You need to know that most public Wi-Fi is very vulnerable to risk as it lacks security. If you are using bitcoin on your computer or laptop, then you should try to use your own mobile phone internet connection. You should completely avoid using the public internet network when you are using your bitcoin wallet. It helps in keeping your bitcoin wallet safe from the peering eyes.

Use updated antivirus software

There is no doubt in the fact that windows are generally more exposed to the huge diversity of malware. Therefore, you should always check that the computer you are using has an updated and reliable antivirus system installed in it or not. You need to know that most of the cyber-attacks make sure of the viruses and the other kind of malware for accessing and tampering with your device, so it is essential for you to scan your device effectively before you install your bitcoin wallet on it. It would be best if you also kept in mind to update your software timely to keep your bitcoin wallet protected.

Set a strong password for online wallet

If you are making use of an online wallet, then you need to be careful while setting your password; it is advised to you that you should not use mobile numbers, birth dates, etc., as your password. Rather than using these things as your password, you should choose the alphanumeric combinations which work best for you and make sense to you as well. It would help if you made sure that the password you are choosing for your bitcoin wallet is completely unique and cannot be guessed by anyone.

Don’t share your private key

Private keys are meant to be kept private that’s why it is called a private key. They are made for only your eyes, so you should not share them with and personal and don’t ask anyone else to make your bitcoin transaction. It is highly recommended to you that you should ignore any proposal or request which involves you sharing the private key of your bitcoin wallet with any other person. If you make this big mistake, you can also lose your entire bitcoins in just a few minutes. So, this is the most important thing that you need to keep in mind to provide higher security to your bitcoin wallet.

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