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The Rats Parade


Dull Ache column by W.R. Marshall

Little Scotty wrote a book that has the tongues a waggin,

The spin machine is out in force, while the polls are still a saggin’.

The tome tells of egos and lies in the run up to a war,

Actually quite compelling stuff, but we’ve heard it all before.

The difference is the tale is told by one of their very own,

A Texas rat has turned his back; it’s causing quite a groan.

It took less than a minute for the Bush rats to emerge,

And with their talking points in hand, they started another surge.

“This isn’t our, Scotty” they feigned their disappointment.

The subtext here is oh, so clear, this fly escaped the ointment.

His picture’s of a president, who is so vain but not so smart,

Who wants to be history’s darling, so a Middle East war he starts.

Again, is there a citizen left who doesn’t know he lied,

That he dreams about his legacy while others fought and died.

But the rats are out in force now, there’s Rove, the rattiest of all,

He says it’s left-wing bloggers, and next he’ll blame Ron Paul.

Then there’s Ari and Bartlett making the rounds and adding their penny or two,

While Cheney and Bush – those despicable men – hide behind red, white and blue.

Soon this will all be forgotten; my best guess, it’ll take but a week,

Those criminal bastards will still be in charge, and our future will still be quite bleak.


W.R. Marshall is a regular contributor to The Augusta Free Press.



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