newsstep by step guide to buying hair extensions online

Step by step guide to buying hair extensions online

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As the heartbeat of a woman’s beauty and the soul of a lady’s appearance, the type and condition of the hair you wear can either make or mar the impression you leave on people.

You remember the popular saying, “looking good is good business, right?” Well, if you also belong to that school of thought, then you must know just how important it is for a woman to be adorned by a radiant, strong, and healthy hair.

Little wonder why many women go all the way to get themselves the best hair extensions. Because unlike natural hair, hair extensions have a unique way of adorning your appearance and casting a shade of glow on your face, while also making you appear younger.

However, buying these hair extensions is no easy task, as you always have to go through the elaborate process of scouring the internet for the color, type, and brand you need, while also paying close attention to the prices that fit your budget.

But you don’t need to go through all of that anymore, trust me.

This comprehensive step-by-step guide helps you choose and get the best hair extensions your money can buy.

Determine the type of hair you want

First things first, before you proceed to buy any hair extension online, you need to first understand the types of hair extensions that are there and select from these options the type that suits your needs.

Typically, there are two types of hair extensions out there, which are the human hair and the synthetic extensions. As the names suggest, human hair extensions are gotten from real human hair while synthetic extensions are manufactured from synthetic materials.

Human hair extensions are quite similar to natural human hair in so many ways. They are easy to twist, tangle, and style. Additionally, human hair extensions also have a great endurance level for heat, a feature that makes it possible to treat or use them in a manner similar to the natural hair.

Synthetic extensions, on the other hand, are not so suited to custom-styling and can melt or burn when subjected to heat. However, they come cheaper than human hair extensions, which is why many women often opt for them. Although there are some variants of synthetic hair extensions that can withstand a great amount of heat, they mostly come for top-dollars.

By and large, if your point of interest is something that gives you a natural look and feel, coupled with easy styling and better heat resistance, you should always opt for human hair extensions. But in the event that your budget doesn’t align with the prices of human hair, you can choose synthetic extensions.

Determine the color of your hair

If I may ask you, do you even know the color of your hair? More often than not, many women go ahead to buy hair extensions without first determining their hair color. Consequently, they end up getting extensions that don’t match their hair color, and in the end, create a mismatch between their natural hair and the fixed extension. Failing to determine your hair color accurately before buying your hair extension will result in an uneven and inconsistent look.

To determine your hair color, visit any local beauty salon or store around you, and get a hair swatch. Using this swatch, you will be able to accurately determine the color of your hair. And with the determined color, you can buy an extension that closely matches your hair color.

Determine the hair extension style

Hair extensions come in different styles and types. Depending on what your needs are, you may have to choose from the following options:

Sew-in extensions

If you want a hair extension type that allows you to change your hairstyle every day, you should opt for the sew-in extensions. Due to the fact that sew-in extensions come in various colors, sizes, and textures, you can create a host of different hairstyles every day.

Clip-in extensions

Clip-in extensions are perfect for on-the-go use. In fact, they are the easiest to use, only requiring a simple “clip” onto your hair. The downside, though, is that they cannot be worn to highly important events, as they can fall off at any time. Other than that, they are perfect for women or ladies of all ages.


Do you want an extension that allows you to change your look anytime you want? Go for a wig! Have an event that calls for a shade of lilac, just clip in your lilac wig and hit the town.


Another alternative is the glue-in extension. This styling option allows for a more permanent look and is best for women that don’t really have the time to hit the salon every now and then. As the name suggests, the extensions are fitted to the natural hair using an adhesive, ensuring that the extension stays in place for longer.

Where should you buy your extension: online or offline

It doesn’t really matter whether you buy your extension online or offline. What really matters is that you follow the step-by-step guide above before you proceed with your purchase. However, if you can find a store online that has the kind of hair you want, it could be a bigger win for you. Because in most cases, online hair stores tend to sell products that are directly shipped from the manufacturer, thereby boasting a far greater authenticity than offline stores. In conclusion, you can check these hair brands to see the wide varieties of hair extension options that are there for you.



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