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Staunton non-profit website launches a new way to give


staunton2edits“Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe.” This is not a Warren Buffet quote. This statement is the hallmark of the newly launched non-profit website and charitable service, Giv2Giv.org.

Founded in 2012, Giv2Giv.org seeks to change charitable giving by empowering individuals – of all income levels – to create their very own charitable endowments through an intuitive and easy to use interface. Giv2Giv.org provides users with access to over 1 million charitable organizations. With a few clicks of the button, a user can create a personal endowment to fund their favorite charitable organizations or contribute to endowments created by other donors.

“Giv2Giv.org will offer an additional opportunity for giving within our general fundraising schema.” says Sharon Tolczyk, Artistic Director of Crozet Arts. “By creating an endowment that is easy and accessible for donors with a wide range of giving means, Giv2Giv offers a new, unique, and affordable opportunity for supporters to grow and sustain Crozet Arts for the long term.” Tolczyk continues, “Because the Giv2Giv platform allows for on-going monthly donations in increments as little as $5, donors may choose to sustain us over the long-term through Giv2Giv while they continue to support our short-term financial goals, as well.”

Monthly contributions to endowments are invested in a leading Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) fund. A portion of both principal and interest is divided amongst donors’ charities and distributed on a quarterly basis. These grants are unrestricted, allowing the recipient charities to apply these funds where the most urgent need exists.

Augusta County resident and founder, Michael Blinn, began building the Giv2Giv.org platform in 2012 after being frustrated with current giving models.

“I started Giv2Giv.org to allow anyone of any means to create a legacy of sustainable funds for the causes they care about. Donors want off the short-term ‘crisis-need-donation’ treadmill, and want on the path to positive, long-term impacts. Charities want predictable, recurring funds to address real and present needs in our communities. Giv2Giv.org accomplishes both by connecting donors and charities in new, meaningful and sustainable ways.” says Blinn.

Giv2Giv.org is currently working on a campaign to build local and regional awareness about the platform by helping donors create and support endowments for local charities and causes.  Giv2Giv.org features user-created endowments that provide regular, recurring funds to everything from cancer research to helping endangered wildlife, promoting local arts and high school sports, and researching cures for childhood leukemia.

November is National Non-Profit Awareness Month and November 15 is National Day of Philanthropy. To celebrate, Giv2Giv.org is partnering with Crozet Arts to create an online endowment for the organization and raise awareness in the community.

The endowment can be viewed here : https://www.giv2giv.org/#endowment/endowment-for-crozet-arts

Blinn adds. “The powerful aspect of endowments is that communities can create very strong giving models. It’s great if one individual gives $5000 to a cause. It’s better for a community of 50 people to give $100 because you can maximize your involvement, and increase your odds of capturing repeat donations. When those funds are placed into an endowment the investment growth over time can produce a revenue stream for non-profits that is consistent and reliable. Consistent, reliable funding is what ensures effective non-profit missions. The Giv2Giv.org platform enables painless, predictable funding for your favorite charities.”

More information can be found at Giv2Giv.org.



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