newsschilling show host to sue greene county government for foia violation

Schilling Show host to sue Greene County government for FOIA violation

schillingWINA radio host and founder Rob Schilling is initiating a FOIA-related lawsuit against Greene County, Virginia.

Arlington-based Attorney, Chaim Mandelbaum, notified Greene County officials of the Petition for Writ of Mandamus and Injunctive Relief on Friday.

“There is no one above the law,” said Schilling, “and that includes Mr. Barkley and the Greene County Board of Supervisors. The public’s access to government-generated documentation and information should not be abridged, and in this instance, it appears that it was—through either omission or commission.”  Schilling continued, “The fox is guarding the FOIA henhouse in Greene County; it’s sad that a lawsuit is required to ensure the protections promised by Virginia statute.

Schilling hopes the suit will serve as a warning to wayward government officials statewide, that they are bound by law and not by personal fancy.



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