Home Quick Internet feud between Kevin Nash, Roddy Piper already over?

Quick Internet feud between Kevin Nash, Roddy Piper already over?


nashRoddy Piper talked on his podcast this week about a locker room incident with kevin nash when both were in WCW that he remembered ending with him single-legging Nash and throwing him out of the room.

Nash remembers it differently, specifically that it ended with him “bitch-slapping” Piper in front of a backtracking ric flair.

Nash challenged Piper on Twitter to have him as a guest on his next podcast to clear the air, Piper agreed, then the two spoke on the phone tonight, according to Nash, and the brief dustup ended thusly.

Yeah, bor-i-i-i-ing.

It had looked like a work to some from the outset, but don’t bet on that. From some descriptions on this dispute that have popped up today, it’s likely that a little bit of what each described happened, that Piper grabbed for a leg to try to drive Nash out of the room, and that Nash slapped Piper as that was going on.

The heart of the disagreement that preceded it, basically an unworkable tag-team match involving the two, is also quite believable. Both were known for the duration of their careers for being much better on paper than they were in reality.

Still, it would have been nice to see this one play out a little more.



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