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Punk’d: That’s what Donald Trump is doing to us


trumpIt is with good reasoning that Huffington Post is covering the Donald Trump presidential campaign on its entertainment pages.

He’s not really running for president.

We’re going to find out soon enough that The Donald is working some kind of reality show angle on us. Right?

I’m thinking Ashton Kutcher on Punk’d.

(We’re the ones getting punk’d. Just to be clear on that.)

Because the guy can’t be that friggin’ dumb.

I mean, seriously, The Donald is at least smart enough to have made his billions using other people’s money.

You don’t have to be a genius to do that, though having done it, you might delude yourself into thinking that even your flatulence reeks of wisdom.

Fart jokes would be a step up from what we’re getting from Trump lately, with his odd pronouncements on Mexico turning off Latino voters, who only make up 17 percent of the population, which is 17 percent that is going to go 100 percent Democrat if Trump keeps running his big yapper.

And then we get Trump telling a conservative forum that Arizona Sen. John McCain, who survived five years as a POW in Vietnam, isn’t a war hero because heroes don’t get captured, which is, yeah, wow, that’s what past flatulence, and straight into shart territory, going there.

This from a guy who chickenshat his way out of Vietnam, telling reporters in defense of his deferments that he wasn’t a “big fan” of Vietnam, and had some hazy issue with his foot that kept him out, though he couldn’t remember which foot it was that had the issue.

And this from a guy who has promised to play tough with Iran and other foreign adversaries, a real life chicken hawk who will bravely send other people in to do the dirty work, then snipe at them when they get it done because he could have done it better.

This is all being filmed for a reality show that’s going to get killer ratings next fall when we should be paying attention to Hillary and Jeb.

We’ll see the team of writers sitting at a big table with The Donald seeing just how far they can push the envelope of nonsense.

The double- and triple-down on Mexico was solid. Using a cane to beat up an old war hero, that’s gold! Maybe next he drops an n-word bomb when talking about the Confederate flag, slut-shames the Obama daughters …

No, no, this is perfect, hold up a jar and say, I’ve got Caitlyn Jenner’s testicles in this jar, and I’ll pay to have them surgically reattached to end this whole transgender crap right here and now.

Please tell me that this is what is happening, that we’re getting Punk’d, and that the pollsters saying Trump is hot with the GOP base are in on it, too.

Because otherwise, this world-class jackass is actually doing well among a large segment of voters, and it’s time to turn out the lights and declare the party over.

– Column by Chris Graham



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